San Francisco Marathon Week 12 Training Recap

Only six weeks remain in this training plan. It’s getting close and I can’t tell if I’m more excited or nervous.

Monday 8 6 miles with 800m intervals
These intervals were really hard. After 5 miles I paused for a water break. I could barely get through the next interval so I decided to run 6 instead of 8. Afterwards I thought that I should have just toughed out the last 2 miles but I know ending at 6 was the right thing to do.

Tuesday 11 miles regular run
The hills felt incredibly hard, as they have since the Greer half. Rather than focusing on that, I focused on keeping things slow and steady. I was annoyed at the reoccurrence of some PF because of my shoes. I haven’t worn this pair (and its twin) for a couple months while I wore the pair that I recently wore out. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my PF problems disappeared after a week or so of wearing the Triumphs rather than the Ride. It’s annoying because I have only 200 miles on my two pairs of Triumphs. 😦 Since staying healthy is important, looks like I’ll be asking for some new shoes for a graduation present.
Also, I was incredibly surprised to look at my splits and see that my pace never dropped below 9:43. In fact, most miles were between 9:20 and 9:30. If that’s my new slow and steady pace, I’ll take it.

Wednesday stationary bike at gym
Nice, easy ride. Nothing extraordinary

Thursday 10 miles regular run
Thankfully, I still have 30-50 miles left on my Triumphs. I ran in them on the treadmill and my feet were happy. I ran on the treadmill for the same two reasons that I usually do: taking out the hills and watching Eureka. (Okay, that one’s slightly different.) Overall the run was fantastic and I felt great except for the fact that I felt like I was sweating out all the water in my body thanks to the high humidity gym.

Friday Swamp Rabbit 5k
Great run with my cousin! So glad we actually made it.

Saturday 18 miles long run
This run was tougher than I expected. I think that my body doesn’t like having less than 24 hours between runs, even if the first run was only 3.13 miles. It also did not help that I did not drink very much water on Friday and did not get a restful night’s sleep. Whatever the ultimate cause was, this run was very hard. I felt okay during the first third but then the wheels started to fall off during the second third. At that point I wondered how on earth I was going to get myself to the turn around point much less all the way back to finish. I felt marginally better during the final third but it was still hard. I’m still pleased that I got the whole thing in and did not shave off a mile or two. On to week 13.

Sunday rest
I did my usual “resting” today, with a whole bunch of walking thrown in while I was reading. 🙂


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