San Francisco Marathon Week 14 Training Recap

Another week down … one month to go!
I’m starting to get really excited for this marathon. I’m not sure I’ll make my sub 4 hour goal but I’m certainly going to try.

Monday 8 miles with 800m intervals
This was the best speedwork session I’ve had in months. I felt really strong and fast. I probably could have increased the interval speed a little.

Tuesday 11 miles regular run
I started out just a little bit sluggish, nothing like last Thursday though. Thankfully, I was able to “zone out” soon after I started, which always makes the run pass quickly. The second half of the run ended up being much faster than the first thanks to a couple of my new songs. I felt so much stronger and my pace reflected that.

Wednesday stationary bike
Nice, easy ride. Everything felt normal, not extra heavy like last week.

Thursday 9 miles regular run
I felt a little sluggish at the start but that’s become almost normal. I’m pretty sure it has everything to do with the fact that I’m getting up an hour earlier than before and because it’s still dark out when I start running. (Winter is going to be fun when it’ll be dark the whole time. …) The rest of the run felt really good. It’s hard to explain but I felt really light and happy and that translated into the run.

Friday 4 miles recovery run
It was tough to get going, as usual, but after the first mile it was fairly easy. Too bad this run was only 4 miles. 🙂

Saturday 17 miles long run
No long run recap this week. I ended up running inside on the treadmill again because of the weather channel’s lies. (only partially kidding :D) This time it rained all the way until I got in the parking lot. Since the run itself ended up being quite uneventful and I’ve already written about my woes of being “forced” to run inside on the treadmill because of the “rain,” I’m skipping the long run recap. Speaking of the run, I was actually very surprised that it went by as quickly as it did. I never imagined that I’d spend almost three hours on a treadmill and not lose my mind but that happened today. Praying for clear skies for next week’s 20 miler. I’d love to have at least one 20 miler that goes according to plan this training cycle.

Sunday rest
I felt quite recovered but still took it easy because it was totally necessary.



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3 responses to “San Francisco Marathon Week 14 Training Recap

  1. I don’t know HOW you spent 3 hours on a treadmill and didn’t lose your mind. Props girl! Great week. 🙂

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