San Francisco Marathon Week 16 Training Recap

Only two weeks remain! I cannot believe that this marathon is so close.

I’m officially into the taper and already itching to increase the milage again. It felt so weird to barely top 40 miles this week. (Prior to this training cycle, I had crossed the 40 mile mark only a couple times in the previous marathon training cycle.)

Here’s how the week went:

Monday 8 miles w/500m intervals
Originally this was supposed to be an interval run but thanks to the gym opening at 8 instead of 5, I decided to take out the intervals and just run 8 outside. (I could have waited until 8 since I have the day off but I prefer to run first thing in the morning.) Once I started running it took a couple miles to get warmed up. Those miles felt pretty hard and I was sure that my pace was either really close to 10 minutes or just a bit faster. (I was pleasantly surprised to see that the splits were 9:33 and 9:40.) After those first couple warm up miles I hit my stride and felt pretty good for the rest of the run. It was definitely a good idea to skip the speedwork.

Tuesday 5 miles
The only thing that could have made this run better was lower humidity. (The weather channel app said that the humidity was 76%. I think it underestimated.) I felt great the whole time.

Wednesday stationary bike at gym
This was a good ride, nothing extraordinary. I felt completely awake this week.

Thursday 10k at race pace
I seriously considered running on the treadmill since this run called for maintaining a specific pace but forced myself to run outside. I’ll have to deal with hills in San Francisco so I figured I may as well deal with them on this run. The first couple miles were hard. I’m beginning to realize how necessary warm up actually is. The second hill, especially, almost did me in. Once I crested that hill, things seemed to get just a bit easier. During miles 4 and 5, I actually felt really strong! I’m proud of my run, especially since it averaged about 15 seconds faster per mile than race pace. Plus, I maintained that pace with humidity so bad that afterwards I looked like I had been going swimming.

Friday 4 miles recovery
I ran inside on the treadmill to make sure that this was a “recovery” run. It was a pretty good run, nothing extraordinary.

Saturday 16 miles long run
Hot, humid but done

Sunday rest
It feels weird to rest today. I don’t feel like I need it but of course, getting enough rest is part of a proper taper.


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