San Francisco Marathon Week 17 Training Recap

So, I’ve laid out my game plan, now it’s time for one last training week recap.

Monday 7 miles with 800m intervals
I misread the plan. I was supposed to run 7 miles with 8x100m strides and do mile repeats Tuesday for speedwork. I ended up doing speedwork today and absolutely loved it! I felt exceptionally strong through the entire run.

Tuesday 8 miles
This run was hard. It took a while for my legs to stop feeling like I was running through molasses. The humidity nearly did me in. However, I finished strong (8:52 split) and am very pleased. I’m definitely looking forward to San Francisco’s weather.

Wednesday stationary bike
Another average stationary bike ride. The only bad thing about this ride was the fact that I was riding instead of out running on National Running Day.

Thursday 5 miles
I ran inside to avoid the predicted but nonexistent rain. (This also helped me avoid the humidity for which I am very grateful.) This was a nice easy run, nothing extraordinary, good or bad.

Friday stationary bike
It was a good ride although a little shorter because I wasn’t concentrating as much on the ride itself. I’m beginning to sour a little on (become bored with) the stationary bike as a cross training option.

Saturday 12 mile “long” run
I have three words for this run: hot, humid and hard. Other than being drenched soon after I started, I felt pretty good. I made a mistake in not bringing my hydration belt with me so I had to stop to get a Gatorade. Oh, I also lost my headband somewhere along the route. Other than that it was a pretty good run.

Sunday rest
Next week on this day it’ll be race day!


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