Recovery Week 1 Recap

So, one week down, only four weeks to go.

While I still want to run more, I’m content with the lower mileage because that’s what my body needs right now.

Monday 5 miles
It felt absolutely fantastic to run again after a week off. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I could tell though that I still have some recovery work left to do. This was especially clear on the hills.

Tuesday 4 miles
This run was harder than Monday. I don’t know how to explain but I could tell that my legs still aren’t fully recovered from the marathon. On top of that, my left calf was tight again. During the week off I forgot about the calf. Now that I remember I’m making sure to stretch properly plus make use of my “stick.”

Wednesday stationary bike + NTC workout
I don’t remember much of the stationary bike workout because I was too busy getting choked up reading the Boston issue of Runner’s World. I haven’t even gotten to the main articles.
This was my first strength training workout in a couple months. I have got to stop letting that happen. (I’ve already put it on the training plan for MCM.) I’m such a wimp when it comes to strength training, especially after so much time off. A beginner workout felt hard.

Thursday 5 miles
So, the soreness from the NTC workout slowed me down a bit, that and the heavy, thick humidity. I still loved the run though especially since I found my stride quickly and even managed negative splits. (9:57, 9:57, 9:51, 9:49, 9:15)

Friday stationary bike
This wasn’t the best ride but that’s because I stayed up late for Rookie Blue. I felt fairly strong though.

Saturday 6 mile “long” run
I waited too long to write about my run so I don’t remember the details. I’m pretty sure it was a good run made tougher by the humidity. Then again, it is a South Carolina summer so that’s a given.

Sunday rest
Not much to say about a rest day 🙂


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