Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k – A Family Tradition

After years of drought, all the rain we’ve been getting in South Carolina has gotten to the “little bit annoying” point. Obviously, rain was a factor today.

Even though I hoped for a break in the rain, at least for the race, I was ready to run in the rain.

Mom and I picked Timothy up at seven this morning and headed to the race start. Thankfully, packet pick up was inside a building the name of which I forget right now.

While I am a little disappointed that most of the shirts were not available (probably a delay in the shipment or something) I was totally impressed by the bibs. Hands down, these bibs are the best I have ever seen for a race.

After scouting out the race course we had to venture out in the rain to head to the race start. Michael and I arrived before the others.

Michael and I

We wondered how we would find “our relations” but then remembered that not only is Timothy really tall, he would also be the odd one carrying an umbrella.

#fmsphotoaday red, white or blue ... at the start of the rainy Red, White, and Blue Shoes 5k

Unfortunately that’s it on the pictures. We totally forgot to take a post race picture and official pics have not yet been posted.

Now to the race itself:

Michael and Timothy headed towards the front of the pack with fast times in mind. Michael planned to snag the family 5k record from Timothy. (I lost that record back in May to Timothy.) Mom and I should have moved forward, rookie mistake.

A few minutes later the race started. Mom and I spent the first half mile weaving in and around much slower runners, occasionally having to stutter step to avoid collisions. I thought I was okay with not positioning myself towards the front since I did not plan on chasing a PR. (Two biggest factors in that: recovery from SFM and yesterday’s strength training session.) However, one of the things I hate most in racing is crowded conditions, especially on a holiday race like this that brings out all the running novices.

After the first half mile, the runners spread out far enough for Mom and I to settle into a pretty decent pace. We held that pace, and even managed nearly negative splits: 8:39, 8:39, 8:10, 7:52 (.1 nubbin).

Throughout the race we had to deal with two “water hazards” and one “hill.” Other than that the course was almost absolutely perfect. Out of all the 5k courses I have run on the Furman campus, this was by far the best. Kudos to the course designer. Do NOT change this course in any way!

Less than a tenth before the finish Mom told me to go on ahead so I sprinted to the finish with a time of 26:46, a pretty decent time for an average run. Mom finished just a few seconds behind me.

While I’m way too competitive for my own good, this race taught me that I’m a marathoner, not a 5ker. 🙂

While results are not official, Michael definitely succeeded in his attempt to snag the family record. He estimates that he got a 21:2x, a PR of approximately a minute and a half.

In other news, Michael has also declared that he wants to run the Hilton Head Island Marathon with me! Yes,I know that I haven’t mentioned that race yet. Stay tuned for my upcoming marathon plans. They’re pretty crazy. 😉

Once again, I loved being able to run a race with family on my birthday. Is there a better way to celebrate? I think not.



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6 responses to “Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k – A Family Tradition

  1. Cindy Lucking

    Hi Jeni,
    The RWBS results will be posted soon but I thought Michael would want to celebrate his official time of 21:15.64. Thanks for the nice comments about the race – it was a challenge with the rain but the Greenville running community was great and turned out in record numbers!
    RWBS Race Director

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  4. I will take finish pictures for you next year, if I don’t decide to “run” myself.

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