Recovery Week 2 Training Recap

I’m already feeling a bit antsy to get started again with “serious” training but I committed to seeing this recovery cycle all the way through and I’m certain it’s the right thing to do. I haven’t had as many weeks below 30 miles (right now it’s just three) for quite some time.

I need to take this time to recover since I’ve got an ambitious marathon schedule on the docket. (More on that after the recap)

Monday 6 miles
I felt stronger (and faster) on this run than my pace reflected. You know it’s that time of year again when you start dripping with sweat before the sun comes up.

Tuesday 6 miles
It felt really hard through the first half of the run (thank you hills) and my pace reflected that. I decided that I wouldn’t let the humidity get to me and finished strong. My pace reflected that too. I clocked a 9:02 final mile.

Wednesday stationary bike + NTC
stationary bike: Just like last time, this was an emotional ride thanks to the Boston Runner’s World issue. I finished the ride (which acts like a warm up for my strength training) determined once again to get to Boston as soon as possible. (Hopefully 2015!)
NTC: My back felt a little off today, not off as in injured but off as in vulnerable. I know that I need to work on strengthening my core (that’s what the offness felt like to me) so throughout this workout I concentrated on keeping my abs in and my back flat. (Since I wrote about that workout on Wednesday I’ve had no trouble.)

Thursday Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k
This was a great race despite the rain. The course was fantastic (best Furman 5k course I’ve run) and the weather (temperature mainly) was much better than last year. This was also good practice in negative splitting thanks to a poorly chosen race start position.

Friday NTC
The ride itself went pretty well. Originally I was supposed to do a strength training workout but I was still pretty sore. Hopefully I’ll be able to get two workouts in next week. Though the ride went well it was tainted with frustration with gympact and the internet.

Saturday 8 miles “long” run
This run felt hard (especially on the uphills) almost the entire time. (The only time it didn’t feel hard was when my new favorite song-“I Need Your Love”-came on.) At several points I felt pretty sluggish and drained thanks to the humidity. Despite all that, I loved the run. I guess that means I’m weird.

Sunday rest
Again, not much to say about rest days 🙂

About that marathon plan…
So, I’ve settled into a spring and fall marathon habit and really like it. This particular fall into spring though…things are about to get interesting.

It all started when I saw the phrase “Exciting race announcement coming soon” on the website for the Hilton Head Half Marathon. I knew instantly that the exciting announcement meant the addition of a marathon.

I was right. Then came the dilemma.

I’m tentatively planning to run Eugene as my spring marathon, as a BQ attempt. That’s April. HHI is February 8th. Should I run a marathon on October 27th, February 8th and April 2x?

Technically, I can do it. Approximately 15-16 weeks separate each of those marathons, enough for two-three weeks of recovery plus a 12 week plan. Should I do it? Well, a truthful answer to that question would probably lead to the question of why people run marathons at all. 😉

As much as I debated, I knew that I had to do it. How could I turn down what will likely be a nearly perfect marathon course?

So, That’s the plan. Over the next 16 months, I plan on running 4 marathons: MCM, HHI, Eugene and Philadelphia in the fall. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m addicted.


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