Recovery Week Three Training Recap

Finally, the mileage is starting to pick up. It’s almost to thirty. 😉

No really, I am excited about increased mileage and an unscheduled speedwork session this week has increased that excitement.

How did this week play out?

Monday 5 miles
I loved this run (despite the humidity) and felt strong the whole time.

Tuesday 5 miles
I think it might have been slightly cooler. (Slightly means just that, maybe a few percentage points less humid or half a degree cooler. It makes a difference :D) Thanks partly to that, I felt a little bit stronger through this run than Monday. Plus, just like Monday, I loved this run.

Wednesday stationary bike + NTC workout
After a decent stationary bike warm up, this workout was tough thanks to two minutes of 30 second alternating intervals of forward/backward two feet jumps and high knee running in place. I finished nice and sweaty.

Thursday 7 miles with 800m intervals
I absolutely loved this run! Originally, this was supposed to be a 7 mile run with 8 100m strides but I decided I wanted some “real” speedwork (it’s been too long) so I ran inside on the treadmill and watched Dr. Who. (It’s also been way too long since I’ve watched.) These intervals were harder than I remembered, a consequence of a month without speedwork. However, they were still doable and I got to watch David Tennant in his first episode as the Doctor. Nothing better than that.

Friday stationary bike + NTC workout
I felt pretty tired again that morning (Rookie Blue :D). The resistance felt like it was way up even though it was on level one. I’ve had this problem before on this particular bike but I’m still not sure whether it’s user error (tiredness) or a lousy machine. Got it done but it wasn’t pretty.

Saturday rest (travel)
After all the stop and go traffic on the way to Hilton Head, I’d hardly call this a rest day. 😉

Sunday 9 miles “long” run


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