Recovery Week 4 Training Recap

So, when the mileage goes down, so does the blog output. That revelation has me plotting ways to revive my blog and my interest in it. That, however, is not the focus of this particular post.

This week I learned that the biggest thing holding back my speed is elevation change. A week at the beach with every run in 100% humidity taught me that. The slowest average pace of the week was 9:13. (Technically that was on Sunday’s long run, part of last week.)

I also had to make do with just the runs. We did not take the bikes (they’re old and more hassle than they’re worth) and no one wanted to spend the money to rent bikes. That just means that I need to buy one of my own soon.

Monday 7 miles
Despite hot and muggy weather, I had an awesome run. I felt super strong the entire time and loved seeing all the other runners out on the trail. I’m so used to running on HHI in the winter when practically no one else is out. I also am very pleased that my “slow, take it easy in the humidity” pace is so fast.

Tuesday 5 miles
The weather was changed but this did not lessen my enjoyment of the run. My legs felt fatigued at the start but after a warm up I really hit my stride. I’ll admit that I ran this one a tad too fast (according to the McMillan training pace range) but I want to enjoy every minute of absolutely flat running that I can get on Hilton Head Island.

Wednesday bike ride rest

Thursday 8 miles with 100m strides
It took me longer to warm up on this run than before. I blame the need for longer warm up on a slightly sore throat and mild PF-getting new shoes asap. However, after the warm up I felt fantastic (apart from the 100% humidity) and managed perfect negative splits.

Friday bike ride rest
I contemplated running my long run on Friday but sleeping in (and the ability to stay up late the night before) won out.

Saturday rest (travel)

Sunday 10 9 miles
This run was supposed to be 10 miles but I miscalculated the turn around point and ended up with 9. (The miscalculation was caused by the loss of another headband. This time I got it back.:D) This run was much tougher than the Hilton Head runs even though temps and humidity were about equal. I felt pretty miserable on the run but still am glad that I got out there.


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