Recovery Week 5 Training Recap

Yesterday marked the end of the recovery cycle. Tomorrow marks the start of my 13 week MCM training cycle. (It’s actually a 12 week plan but I repeated a week since I, apparently, can’t read a calendar.)

I’m excited to get started on this next training cycle but at the same time, nervous. I’ve got some ambitious goals. (3:45:xx!)

Here’s how the final week of the recovery cycle played out:

Monday 7 miles
I ran inside to take it easy (and to watch Doctor Who.) I ran at 6.3 which was too slow compared to my new normal pace but I still loved it. This was a great way to start out the week.

Tuesday 5 miles
I ran inside on the treadmill again. If I had run outside, only the last mile would have been in daylight. The idea of wearing my headlamp which would result in sweat dripping in my eyes, kept me inside for the time being. Other than that fact, this run was average, nothing extraordinary.

Wednesday stationary bike + 30 min NTC workout
I felt blah overall thanks to my semiannual sinus drainage/congestion. (In the coughing phase on Wednesday.) That made it hard to push in this strength training workout even though I wanted to.

Thursday 8 miles with strides
This run was much slower than the recent ones thanks to some soreness from Wednesday’s NTC workout and the partial inability to breathe. (Thankfully my semi-annual sinus drainage is almost over.) I still loved the run though.

Friday 4 miles recovery + 15 min NTC workout
Run: Even though I coughed a lot, I felt great during the run, much better than Tuesday.
Strength: This workout was much harder than I remember, probably because I have no ab strength whatsoever. That’s definitely something I need to work on.

Saturday 11 10 miles
This run started well but I turned around after seeing lightening. I don’t mess with lightening. I ended up shortening the run a mile. My home treadmill has a minimum incline of 1.5 which is like a small hill for the entire run. Plus, it was a big mileage gap between weeks 4 and 5 anyway. Good run overall.

Sunday rest


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