A Recap of Yearly Goals, July edition

Life didn’t change as much during July which brought

1. Run 1800 miles (Reach: 2000)
Total miles ran in July: 134.68
Total miles ran in 2013 so far: 1158.42
Total miles remaining (1800): 641.58
Total miles remaining (2000): 841.58
At this rate I need to maintain a minimum of 29.16 miles per week to reach my goal of 1800 and a minimum of 38.25 miles per week to achieve my reach goal. Although I’m not moving as quickly towards that goal as I hoped, I know that my mileage will pick up later in the year so I’m not worried.

2. Race at least once a month.
I raced at the beginning of this month. I think that will be the last race until September. As my goals in races have intensified, I’m not as interested in racing just to race. On top of that, racing costs money. 😉

3. Strength train twice a week
For the first time this year, I successfully accomplished this goal. Well, several weeks it was just once a week but it’s better than nothing. I still don’t like strength training that much but I know it’s necessary.

4. Start Swimming
Once again, I have to say that I doubt that this is going to happen this year but I’m making concrete plans. (Ironman fever is strong!)


5. Make thesis and PhD work a top priority.
Successfully completed. This goal will not be continuing throughout the rest of the year.

6. Take the blog in a new direction.
So, this goal has derailed because of the new job. Life often ends up looking nothing like what we thought it would at the beginning of the year. I’m okay with that.

7. Read 200 books.
So far this year I’ve read 117 books (including audiobooks), 2 books ahead of schedule. I’ve been reading (and listening to) several long books recently so the count has slowed a little. I’m still plugging away though.


8. Take 1,000 pictures/Have 8,000 photos uploaded to flickr.
This year I have taken 1,013 pics with 0 left to go.
I have a total of 7,981 uploaded to flickr with 19 remaining.
At this rate I need to take 0 pictures per day to reach the 0 pictures goal and way less than 1 picture per day to reach the 8,000 picture total.
My prediction from the end of June held true. I took plenty and crossed the goal. I thought the original goal was ambitious. Well…looks like I’ll be increasing it to 1.5k in the year and 8.5k total.


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