A Wilted Thirteen Miles and Marathon Decisions

The weekly long run recaps are back! The idea of writing recaps for 9 and 10 mile “long” runs felt a little weird.

This long run also marked the completion of the first week of official MCM training. Of course, I include the recovery cycle in my unofficial MCM training.

So, I knew that today’s run would be difficult for several reasons. First, I had to wait until after nine to start because I was an alternate at work this morning. (Although, I suppose that the weather would have been even worse if I’d had to go in to work and then run afterwards.) Second, I live in South Carolina where it is currently experiencing the most humid summer I can remember.

Despite those factors, I started the run with the plan of completing the run as prescribed, 13 miles with 8 of those miles at race pace.

When I pressed shuffle on my running playlist and Imagine Dragon’s “On Top of the World” started playing, I couldn’t help but smile. I was back on the Swamp Rabbit trail after almost two months. I didn’t have to work this morning. There were so many people on the trail.

Almost immediately after I started running I knew that I was going to get pretty wet by the time I finished. (By the way, as a public service announcement let me mention that it is a wise idea to zip the back pocket of your shorts if you put your key there because the key might just fall out into the toilet if you have to make a pit stop.)

Just before mile four I decided that it would be a smarter idea to concentrate on finishing the distance rather than running the next 8 miles at race pace. (8:35, eek!) I stand by that decision.

At the half way point I stopped by my car, grabbed a Gatorade and guzzled it within thirty seconds. I also ate a Gu gel I’d grabbed right before I left the house. Both of those things helped put a pep in my step for about the next mile or two.

I had four more to run.

My pace does not reflect how I felt in those final miles. As mentioned in the title, I felt like I was wilting in the heat, drained by the humidity. Though the sensation was not pleasant, I still felt rather strong throughout this whole run.

I hope that this humidity lessens soon. I’m not sure how many more long runs like this I could handle without completely wilting.

One random side not as transition. Near mile 11 I saw what looked like a thin ribbon of debris on the trail. Then I saw it move. That’s right, a snake. I have arrived. I’ve seen a snake while on a run (me, not the snake).

About those marathon decisions…

As many already know, the Eugene Marathon decided to change the race date from the end of April to the end of July, aka San Francisco Marathon weekend. (Okay, that’s just my designation.) Even if I weren’t already running the Second Half of the San Francisco Marathon I most likely would not run Eugene. Three reasons: one, I like my crazy upcoming marathon schedule. Two, I want to have a back up BQ marathon should I not get my BQ at Hilton Head. Three, I am seriously planning on dipping my toe into the triathlon water next summer, starting appropriately with swim training. I don’t want to delay that any more than necessary.

So, here are the ones that I’m looking at so far:

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 27th
Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 3rd
Sugarloaf Marathon, Maine, May 18th
Bayshore Marathon, Traverse City, Michigan, May 24th

I had a couple others on the list but they take place in June. I’d rather stick to late April or some time in May.

Has anyone run any of these? Does anyone have any other suggestions? The biggest factor for me is the BQ. Any and all help is appreciated!

On to the rest of training for the marathon at hand. Bring it on MCM!



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4 responses to “A Wilted Thirteen Miles and Marathon Decisions

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  2. I am probably a little biased but I highly recommend Bayshore. Everything about it was perfect. Beautiful scenery. Nice small race. Cool weather. Easy logistics. Fast course. Cute city.

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