Slogging Through Fifteen

I knew back in the late winter and spring that this summer was going to be a doozy. Some people I knew celebrated the way above normal temps but I dreaded what that would mean for the summer.

I didn’t predict the rain and humidity though. Thankfully the average temps are about ten degrees cooler than what I thought they would be. The humidity more than makes up for that.

As the title suggests, today’s run could be described as a slog. In addition to the humidity, I stayed up late both last night and the night before which more than likely contributed to my sluggishness on today’s run.

When I started the run I could see the humidity, aka heavy fog. I remembered then that I had forgotten to bring a towel to cover the seat of my car. Whoops. After the first mile I also remembered that I had forgotten to clear out the lap data from my Garmin which for the past two runs has been declaring its fullness at every lap. I hoped I had enough data space for the whole run.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

The first few miles were really hard. It took me forever to get warmed up. Only my first mile reflects (10:17). I settled in to a fairly comfortable pace, (the word “comfortable” here is relative) which turned out to be around 9:20. While I was running though, I did not feel like I was running a 9:20 pace. Everything felt so much harder on this run.

I made it back to my car, just beyond half way, and took a pit stop for gel and Gatorade. That was mile 9. I wished I had a towel so I could temporarily dry the sweat pouring down my face. (I had long passed the point of having any bit of dry clothing with which to dry anything.)

When I started running again I meant to look at my Garmin after I got to the street so I could plan exactly when I turned around on the second out and back. I forgot. (I suppose “Forgetful Fifteen” could have been an alternate title.) If I had I would have seen that my Garmin was full and would not be doing any more tracking that day. I would have used one of my running apps.

I noticed about a mile later when I noticed that I had not heard the distance alert. (I use these to help me remember to stay hydrated.) Since it would be pointless to start a running app then I just continued on, data-less. Thankfully the Swamp Rabbit Trail is marked every tenth of a mile. I may not have run exactly 15 miles but I got pretty close.

I still want those splits though. (I admit it. I’m a data nerd.)

Like last week, the last three miles were tough. I felt drained but somehow still had enough energy to maintain a 9:20ish pace. (I kept the Garmin on so I could look down at the pace screen.) I’m not really sure how that was possible.

Next week the plan calls for 16 with 10 of those at race pace. I’m praying for a break in the weather. If not, I’ll make a valiant attempt.

One final word concerning my need to find a replacement marathon:

Last week I listed several I was considering. I’m no longer considering. I’ve decided. It’s going to be Bayshore, next May. Corey’s comment sealed the deal. I lived vicariously through her when she snagged her own massive PR and BQ this year at Bayshore, her redemption race. While I hope I won’t need a second shot at a BQ, if I did need one I’d love for it to be Bayshore.



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