Coming down from Cloud 9–Seventeen Average Miles

Last week I had the best long run I’ve ever had. Since I know that it’s hard to repeat perfection I figured that today’s run would be at least a little on the more difficult side.

I started a bit sleepy. (That’s what happens when one forgets to adjust the alarm from 5 to 6.) Thus, I felt pretty sluggish through the first mile or so. My 9:48 for mile 1 was my slowest mile but afterwards settled into a somewhat comfortable pace.

I was perplexed through miles 2-5ish because it felt so hard. As is fairly typical for me, I doubted whether I would be able to finish the miles.

Things perked up somewhat as I neared the end of mile five and the end of my first out and back.

The remaining twelve miles are sort of a blur, as I think a good long run should be. I settled in to a fairly decent pace (9:20s) but made a determined effort to not consult my watch. I had enough of that last week.

Those miles did have their fair share of ups and downs. At one low point, a couple guys passed me. One of them turned to ask how long I was running. (At first I thought he asked me how I was so I started to say good before figuring out that that was the wrong answer. I’m pretty sure that the speech part of my brain stops working while I’m running.) After I told him “17” he mentioned that they’d been trying to catch up with me for four miles. While I think he was generous on the distance, that’s still an energy boost to hear.

Throughout this time I thought about the fact that I have thoroughly transitioned into being a marathon runner. Shorter distances don’t hold the same appeal for me any more. I want to run and I want to run long even though at least once or twice during the run, I wonder if I’m insane for doing this to myself.

I finished the run with a burst of speed. (8:17, not sure where that came from) It felt good to be done and to have finished well.

(I know I promised a post on the whole back tightening thing, which unfortunately made a mild appearance after today’s run but nothing like last week. I have a post written but am holding off on posting it because my back has felt so much better lately, now that I’ve taken to sitting on a pillow in my car to raise myself up a bit. I may edit that post and post it sometime later this week. I’m not sure yet.)

Only 8 more long runs before MCM!



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