Marine Corps Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

While the back tension hasn’t sorted itself out completely, this week was much better than last.

Monday 5 miles
This run was nice and easy. I felt good throughout.

Tuesday 10 miles with 5 at half marathon pace
This run was closer to a tempo run than the last one. It ended up being intervals of 2.5, 1 and then half mile. It was really hard but so much fun. I’m frustrated at my shoes though. For some reason when I get to the third pair of a particular kind of shoe it decides to stop working for me. The PF in my left foot is back (sort of) and I’m running out of money to buy more shoes.

Wednesday 11 miles
I ran inside to avoid the rain and lightening. (I don’t mess with lightening.) It was a bit mind-numbing but having a towel to cover the time helped a bit. My foot and back felt find throughout the run. My foot still feels fine. My back on the other hand decided to get all tight again after getting in the car. I really wish I knew why that happened. It’s only after sitting in my car that my back tenses up but it’s frustrating and I know not right. Doctor Google’s no help either. ETA: I have since started taking a pillow to sit on and the tension problem has gotten better.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC rest
I had an early training at work. Plus, I figured that another rest day would do me some good. It was nice to take it easy while getting ready.

Friday 5 miles recovery
This run felt absolutely amazing. I hadn’t had any of the tightness in my back for almost two days. I was dripping with sweat thanks to the humidity (aka running through a low hanging cloud) but I felt strong and loved the run. Some tightness came back half an hour or so after the run but it’s going away now. Hopefully I’ll figure this out soon. (I’m still working on figuring that out.)

Saturday 17 miles long run
This long run, while not as perfect as last week, went really well.

Sunday rest
With this odd off-and-on again back tension thing I’m taking extra care to actually rest properly. 🙂

Only 9 weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon!


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