Only a Quarter of the Year Remains

With the move into my new apartment coming up a week from today (forgot to mention that before…whoops) this feels like it’s a halfway point…aka big changes ahead. THat being said, here’s how I fared with the goals in August

1. Run 1800 miles (Reach: 2000)
Total miles ran in August: 182.84 (I would have reached 200 but I had to postpone today’s run (8/31) until tomorrow (9/1) because of work.)
Total miles ran in 2013 so far: 1341.26
Total miles remaining (1800): 442.42
Total miles remaining (2000): 642.42
At this rate I need to maintain a minimum of 26.02 miles per week to reach my goal of 1800 and a minimum of 37.79 miles per week to achieve my reach goal. I’m on track to meet both goals which makes me happy.

2. Race at least once a month.
As I mentioned before, my goals with racing have changed as my mileage increases and I become more enamored with marathons and endurance races.

3. Strength train twice once a week
I did skip one session due to the back issue that I’ve referenced frequently. It was a wise decision. Other than that I think I’ll be able to fit in at least one session a week throughout marathon training.

4. Start Swimming
This isn’t going to happen this year but I have a plan. (Ironman fever is even stronger than last month.)


5. Make thesis and PhD work a top priority.

6. Take the blog in a new direction.
I’m setting this goal aside for the year.

7. Read 200 books.
So far this year I’ve read 135 books (including audiobooks), 3 books ahead of schedule. Even though I’ve skipped reading on some days, I’ve managed to keep up with my reading goals.


8. Take 1,500 pictures/Have 8,500 photos uploaded to flickr.
This year I have taken 1,058 pics with 442 left to go.
I have a total of 8,027 uploaded to flickr with 473 remaining.
At this rate I need to take 3.6 pictures per day to reach the 1,500 pictures goal 3.9 per day to reach the 8,500 picture total.
At my usual rate of one picture a day, I won’t make this goal. However, there are several things coming up that will provide for plenty of photo opportunities.


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