Marine Corps Marathon Week 5 Training Recap

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. There’s something about marathon training that makes a runner hypersensitive to every twinge and tweak. So far this cycle I’ve dealt with lower back tension, sensitivity in the left arch of my foot and now a weird feeling in my right knee that I think is the result of a tight IT band.

Here’s how the week went down:

Monday stationary bike + NTC workout
It was weird starting the week with cross training. The stationary bike served as a good warm up for the NTC strength training workout. I felt so strong during this workout though I was nervous before I started. I felt really motivated to continue strength training as much as possible. Also, my back acted normally, no tension. I definitely felt the deadlifts later in the week though.

Tuesday 12 miles regular run
It took a long time to warm up. My legs felt tired throughout and I think it might be because of the NTC workout Monday. (There weren’t that many leg exercises though…) I took it easy today but I’m disappointed in my average pace. 7 out of 12 miles were slower than 10 minutes. That’s not usual for me. I didn’t feel bad (like I did a couple weeks ago) so I hope the slower pace is just a fluke. (That’s another thing that has plagued me this week…a feeling of fatigue in my legs.)

Wednesday stationary bike + NTC
This ride was pretty brutal. I was really tired and sluggish and my legs were as well. I probably should have taken the the day off but I’m stubborn.

Thursday 9 miles with 4 at half marathon pace
My legs still felt tired (slightly sore) so I left open the option of turning this tempo run into a regular run. I ended up compromising and making the 4 mile tempo into 4 mile intervals. These intervals were tough but I pushed through and felt awesome.

Friday 5 miles recovery run
This run can be summed up by describing the weather: 77 degrees with 87% humidity. It was made even more difficult by all the hills in my normal route. I will be so thankful when fall and especially when winter comes.

Saturday rest
I had planned to get up extra early to try to squeeze the run in before work but decided against it. I would have to run the route closer to my house and there isn’t anywhere to refill my water bottle which definitely wouldn’t have been a good thing.

Sunday 16 miles long run
This long run was harder than any of my long runs have been recently. I seriously considered cutting the mileage short. I’m too stubborn for my own good though and managed to finish. My legs were really tired throughout. I have a feeling that part of that has to do with my slacking on proper hydration. I also felt a little twinge on the outside of my right knee that I have since determined is probably from a tight IT band. I think all my muscles are pretty tight. I need to increase my stretching routine.

After today’s run and the prospect of 12 on the plan for tomorrow (tomorrow was the only morning that I had enough time to squeeze it in) I decided to take advantage of the extra week I accidentally squeezed in to my plan. (I have 13 weeks on the plan instead of 12.) Next week I’ll focus on recovery and stretching and made it another cut back week.


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