Marine Corps Marathon Week 6 Training Recap

(Disclaimer: I’m writing this post on my phone so some of the formatting may be a bit off.)
This week was an “extra” week in the plan thanks to my inability to count backwards on a calendar. I seized the opportunity to turn it into a recovery week since I didn’t feel that my body had recovered enough during week 5. I’m so glad I altered the plan. It was just what my body needed.

Monday: 6 miles recovery
This was a good recovery run with Mom. The pace was a little slower because she had to take a couple short walking breaks to catch her breath after hills. My knee felt a little weird at first but after a half mile it warmed up and felt fine. (It still feels fine.) I also fell in love with her route. It’s definitely less hilly. I might take it more often for short routes.

Tuesday: 6 miles
I felt good but ran slow. I think that the darkness throws off my inner pace clock. It’s just so hard when it’s dark for the entire run to tell how fast I’m going. I’m disappointed in my pace but happy that my body felt good during the run (no aches or twinges).

Wednesday: stationary bike warm up + NTC workout
I really liked this workout. I did modify a couple of the exercises–straight plank instead of plank walk and squats instead of squat flips–but other than that I pushed through as prescribed and even wanted to do a little more. Throughout the whole workout I could “feel” my right IT band but it didn’t (doesn’t) hurt or interfere with form. Also, I forgot just how sore the workout, “squat party,” would make me.

Thursday: 10 miles w/5 x .75 mile intervals
I was so sore from Wednesday’s strength training workout. That made me turn this run into a recovery run, thus no speedwork intervals. I felt great throughout (even though sore) but I know I’ll be feeling it later.

Friday: 5 miles
Originally the plan called for 6 miles. I changed that to 7 when I altered the plan to make this a recovery week. This morning I changed 7 to 5 because my legs were still sore from the NTC workout Wednesday. I also ran inside on the treadmill to avoid the hills. With my normal route being the way that it is, the only way that I can make a run truly be a recovery run is to run on the treadmill. As it was, it took about a mile or two before I was able to warm up. About halfway I started to feel good and when I finished the soreness was much less.

Saturday: 15 miles
This was a tough run. I had no idea that I ran part one (outside) so slowly. I’m pretty sure that it had to do with the darkness. I ended up heading home for part two because I unwisely chose to run with my camelbak instead of my hydration belt while wearing my spaghetti strap top. (so much chafing potential!) Plus, I did not want to run the hills in the second half of the route. Part two (inside on the treadmill at the house) was much faster than part one but almost unbearable. I forget each time how much I hate that particular treadmill. However, I got 15 miles in before work.

Sunday: rest
Highly appreciated


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