Marine Corps Marathon Week Seven Training Recap

This week has been quite full of unexpected life stuff which for the first time since I started running, pushed training for the marathon quite a bit down on the priority list.

I still want that 3:45 at MCM but didn’t feel the drive during a lot of these runs. Thankfully that life stuff has finally settled down and I’m ready to dive back into the second half of training. Only six more weeks!

Back to the seventh week…

Monday 6 miles
I felt great on this run. I remembered my tendency to run slower when it’s dark and made myself push it a bit. It was also a tough run because I was working through some stuff mentally and emotionally, tough but good.

Tuesday 10 miles with 5 2 .75 intervals at faster than 1/2 marathon pace
For a number of reasons I haven’t gotten as much sleep as I should. That combined with the aforementioned life stuff made interval efforts a faster than half marathon a little too much. I got two intervals in but decided to finish out the rest at a recovery run pace.

Wednesday 12 10 miles
This was a tough run, not physically but mentally because of the life stuff and less sleep than normal. Also, I really hate running in the dark, especially because of the countless spiderwebs that I run into/through. I cut two miles off this run but feel okay about it. Hopefully once things settle down I’ll be able to put the focus back onto training.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC rest
After a lot of physical effort Wednesday, the idea of a day to sleep in just a little and recharge won out over cross training. I know I made the right decision.

Friday 7 miles
While I felt really refreshed after Thursday’s day off, I let my frustration with my pace difficulties in the dark and all the stupid spiderwebs get the better of me. I sincerely hope that this prevalence of spiderwebs in the dark is a summer/warm weather thing since the prospect for many more months of running in the dark with spiderwebs is a bit depressing. Other than that this run was great.

Saturday rest (work)
While I enjoy the time and a half that I earn on Saturdays, I’m thankful that my new job (within the same company) won’t require me to work on Saturdays (or at least as many). I would much rather run long on Saturday morning than Sunday.

Sunday 15 miles with 12 at marathon goal pace
Originally this was supposed to be a marathon pace long run. While I really wanted to get another one of these in before MCM (there were only 2 in the plan) I decided against those MP miles for two reasons. One, the route closer to my house is simply too hilly to attempt MP miles and I did not feel comfortable (at ease) on the SRT the last time I went out on a Sunday morning for a long run. Two, I’ve gotten a full seven hours of sleep only one night this week. It’s been a pretty full week in which marathon training has taken a back seat.
That being said, I did not want to take it easy this morning. I wanted to push myself and rediscover the “easy” pace of around 9:30 that I’ve struggled to find in the early, dark morning since I got to run while it was light out today. I found it. I actually felt great for most of this run. While it wasn’t what I had hoped for it was still good, though I did not hydrate enough. Next week marathon training again becomes a priority. I’m still determined to go for a 3:45 at MCM.



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5 responses to “Marine Corps Marathon Week Seven Training Recap

  1. Ug, seriously. I haven’t ran on the SRT in over a month because it makes me really nervous. I miss my long runs 😦

    • I totally understand. I think I would feel the same way about running on the SRT on Sunday mornings even without recent events. Another factor that I didn’t mention in the blog was the amount of time that it takes me to get there and back versus the route closer to my house. I’m determined that I will keep running on the SRT because I don’t want to live my life out of fear. That being said, I want to take normal, reasonable precautions too.

      On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 11:17 AM, Stepping Out

      • Same. I have pepper spray, but I want to see some reasonable police action to improve safety before I start running the entire length again. I feel OK about downtown and the Furman area, but those isolated areas in between make me kinda nervous when I’m alone. I’ve been lobbying Greenville rec for those emergency posts since I moved here!

      • I totally understand. I feel comfortable in those in between areas on Saturday mornings because there are so many people. Sunday? Not so much

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