Seventeen Miles in the Mid-Afternoon

This run exceeded every expectation I had for it.

That’s probably because my expectations were fairly low. I had decided to run after work when I had the opportunity to run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and in complete sunlight rather than try to fit it in before work yesterday or Treehouse tomorrow morning. I usually base my expectations on the previous weeks run as well.

On the flip side, I couldn’t wait to run in my new On Cloudsurfer shoes again. I am in love with those shoes, especially after today’s run.

For this run, I started in the opposite direction. Normally I head towards Travelers Rest on my first out and back. Unfortunately, there’s less trail that direction so the first out and back usually is less than half of the whole run. This time I headed towards downtown Greenville first.

Running the Swamp Rabbit on a Saturday afternoon is so different than Saturday morning. The population (if there is any) tends to be cyclist heavy. I saw 15 runners besides myself and I might have counted one of those twice.

As usual, it took a mile or so to warm up, to get to a comfortable pace. When I look at my splits I am beyond pleased to see that my first mile was 9:20. That’s a pretty nice warm up pace.

I think that quick pace comes in large part due to the new shoes. They’re definitely unique and I love them. My stride feels so different, stronger, in those shoes. It’s hard to describe the details of how my stride feels different but it definitely does.

My legs felt great throughout the whole run. Any fatigue that started to set in (and there was very little) was definitely more mental than physical. The only time apart from the first “warm up” mile that the run felt hard was starting back up again after filling my water bottle up for the second time. This was at the start of my second out and back, much shorter than the first. (6 each way compared to 2.5 each way) It felt almost like my legs wanted to warm up again. I stood a little too long.

I pushed through even though it felt very weird to be running that part of the trail during the complete opposite part of the day that I normally do. (It was probably around 4pm then. I normally start on that part of the trail at 7am.)

From miles 4 to 13 my pace varied only between 8:53 and 8:59. I couldn’t believe those stats when I saw them. I’m still a little in shock. That 13th mile was the first of my second out and back. My pace just got faster from there as if that 13th mile really was a “warm up.” My last four mile splits were 8:50, 8:50, 8:41, 8:07.

I felt great when I finished. I still feel great. I also still prefer morning runs whether those runs are normal runs or long. Running in the afternoon is just a little odd to me.

That being said, I am thrilled with the results of this run, in love with these shoes and beyond excited for Marine Corps in one month! Bring it on!



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