Third Quarter Review

Three quarters of the year have come and gone and like most years, most of my goals have shifted immensely. Life now is very different from what I imagined it would be when I made these goals.

1. Run 1800 miles (Reach: 2000)
Total miles ran in September: 224.87
Total miles ran in 2013 so far: 1558.77
Total miles remaining (1800): 241.23
Total miles remaining (2000): 441.23
At this rate I need to maintain a minimum of 18.56 miles per week to reach my goal of 1800 and a minimum of 33.94 miles per week to achieve my reach goal. I’m now a week away from meeting last year’s reach goal of 1600. It’s a little mind blowing to realize that seeing how I have three months left this year.

2. Race at least once a month.
I managed to squeeze one race in this month, Moonshiner Night 5k, though it probably wasn’t a wise decision. Just like last year, August will be the only month in which I have no race. October will bring marathon #5. November brings an 8k and a half marathon. December brings another half marathon.

3. Strength train twice once a week
Well, strength training has once again fallen to the back burner. I got in two sessions in September. I may or may not get two in October. The marathon takes priority though so I likely will not strength train in the week or two beforehand.

4. Start Swimming
I’ve discussed this one to death.


5. Make thesis and PhD work a top priority.

6. Take the blog in a new direction.
I actually like the direction my blog heads now, running. I may add more later. I may not.

7. Read 200 books.
So far this year I’ve read 149 books (including audiobooks), 2 books ahead of schedule. Even though I didn’t manage to read hardly anything the second week this month, I somehow managed to keep up with my reading goals.


8. Take 1,500 pictures/Have 8,500 photos uploaded to flickr.
This year I have taken 1,122 pics with 388 left to go.
I have a total of 8,091 uploaded to flickr with 409 remaining.
At this rate I need to take 4.2 pictures per day to reach the 1,500 pictures goal 4.5 per day to reach the 8,500 picture total.


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