Marine Corps Marathon Week 12 Training Recap

All told I had a pretty good week of training last week. That’s taking into account my foolishness with a way too fast 7 miler to start off the week. Then there’s the weird thing that my right knee/IT band started doing again last night. (I’ll get to that in Sunday’s summary)

Here’s how the week went down:

Monday 7 miles easy
I ran with my running group and the plan had been 7 flat, easy miles. 7:45 pace? Not easy, not for me That’s what we get for letting the woman aiming to win Spinx set the pace. I’m just thrilled that I stayed with them and that I was able to chat throughout most of the run. I let myself daydream about the possibilities throughout the rest of the day but when the DOMS hit Tuesday I realized that it’ll take a lot more work to reach those goals.

Tuesday 8 miles
I probably should have shortened this run or taken a rest day. My legs were not happy but I refrained from pushing them at a harder pace just because I hate 10+ pace miles. Wednesday was supposed to be a cross-training day with strength training. That’s out. I’ll pick strength training back up after the marathon. The next 13 days are all about babying my legs in this taper.

Wednesday stationary bike + NTC
I’m ashamed to admit that all this time that I’ve said that I’ve ridden the stationary bike, I’ve actually been riding the recumbent bike. I figured out that the reason I get so sleepy (probably) while riding is because I tend to fall asleep when I read sitting down. Today? No sleepiness issues. I actually really loved the ride though this one hour taught me that if I’m ever going to complete an Ironman (way down the line), mental endurance on the bike needs to be a big focus. One quick note: since yesterday I’ve had a lot more tightness in my quads and IT bands on both sides. I’m not sure why except for maybe my body is telling me to back off a bit. Message taken. I’ve been stretching and foam rolling like it’s my job and the tightness is much less this morning.

Thursday 5 miles easy
I was a bit nervous before this run because of lingering tightness/soreness in my left IT band/quad. It’s nothing horribly unusual, very much like DOMS actually but I’m perplexed as to why it’s lingered so long. Hopefully the ease of the taper will help me work it all out. It’s definitely not fun to have something like this so close to the marathon. The run itself was brilliant. I ran inside on the treadmill to make sure that it was an easy run (aka avoid the hills) and everything went well. My stride felt completely normal.

Friday stationary bike
The tightness/soreness was completely gone by Friday. I’m pretty sure that it was just DOMS after all and the taper crazies got the better of me. This ride was pretty good though it was weird to have a second cross-training day in the week. (Yes, I think it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with running.)

Saturday 12 miles “long” run
This run went pretty well. I tried to dial the pace back but ended up running just a teeny bit faster than I probably should have. It wasn’t until many hours later, a couple before bed, that my right knee decided to tighten up, painfully. I’ve had this happen a couple times randomly throughout this training cycle. (When I say randomly, I mean it.) I’m nervous about this one but hopeful that it’s just part of the taper crazies.

Sunday rest
The right knee tightening concerns me. It happened twice Sunday morning, a few hours apart. It has never done that before. Both times I massaged it pretty thoroughly and it went back to “normal” but I’m hyperaware of the area. I’m hopeful that complete rest and a good night’s sleep (yes, I actually write these posts on Sundays but don’t publish until Monday) will banish this completely. If not, God has a plan and I trust in that.


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