Hilton Head Island Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

So, this training cycle is going to look a little different than the previous two cycles.

As I stated before, I’m going to follow a non-plan or more accurately, a skeleton plan. Currently hanging on the fridge is a monthly calendar that has a mileage range at one end and a long run penciled in at the other. The rest of the days are blank. I’m filling them in as I go. So far, so good.

I have yet to set firm goals either. I’m waiting to see how my body recovers from MCM and the beginnings of the injury that set me back three weeks ago. (I’m not really sure what it was or if it’s gone. I’m still moving forward though.)

That being said, here’s how week 1 went down.

Monday 5 miles
I was a little nervous at the start. I ran inside since I have yet to get new gloves. (I tossed my only pair at MCM.) It got cold this morning. The run itself went pretty well. I’m fairly certain it was an IT band problem since it got just a teeny bit tight during the run. I stretched out really well afterwards and I felt absolutely fantastic too. No time like the present to add plenty of stretching to my post-run routine.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
Today I was actually excited to strength train. The workout went fairly well. Only once did I succumb to negative thoughts and feel weird pain in my knee. God is so much bigger than this though. The rest of the workout went really well and I feel pretty great too. I’m looking forward to DOMS.

Wednesday 5 miles
This was a really good run, both mentally and physically. God is so good. I loved the fact that it was made a little tougher by some DOMS from the NTC workout yesterday.

Thursday 4 miles
This was a pretty decent run. My legs were a bit tired still from strength training Tuesday.

Friday stationary bike
I enjoyed the ride even though I put the seat a little too low which made my back protest a bit. Next time I’ll do a little better.

Saturday 10 miles
For the first double digit run (and longest) since the marathon this went pretty well. I ran with Mom for the first 7. (She ran 8 total.) That helped me keep a slightly faster pace than I would have on my own. For some reason, when she turned around and I kept going to add the extra mile, everything instantly felt hard. What’s up with that? I kept plodding through that mile and the next two and finished fairly well. Next week’s half marathon will be far from a PR attempt but at least now I know that I’ll be able to finish.

Sunday rest
I’m not fudging a bit on rest from now on. 🙂



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4 responses to “Hilton Head Island Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

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  2. David Mercier

    What is NTC? Strength training of some kind I’m guessing. I know DOMS.

    Btw I am a runner /triathlete in Taylors. The Granite apartments. Just found your blog.

  3. David Mercier

    Oops wrong email.

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