Hilton Head Island Marathon Week 2 Training Recap

The skeleton plan is still working out so far. I’m still not ready to plunge full force into this training plan but for right now it works and I’m okay with it.

Monday 5 miles recovery
This run went well. I ran with Mom and thus ended up running faster than I had originally planned. (She’s made it a goal to get her average pace under 9 minutes.) I did have some tightening in my right IT band in the latter half of the run. I’m keeping my eye on it and hopefully with plenty of foam rolling, stretching and strength training I can whip it into shape.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
This was a pretty good workout. I did modify/skip a couple of the exercises. (I’m not particularly interested in 30 seconds of high knee runs.) That being said, I felt good and so did my knee.

Wednesday 5 miles easy
This was a good, steady run at an easy pace. I ran inside on the treadmill. I love running in the cold but I don’t have the gear for feels like 21 degree temps. It is South Carolina after all. I think I might have felt some IT band tightness in my right leg but I’m also tempted to think that that was just in my head. Overall I felt great on this run.

Thursday 4 miles easy
I loved this run and the fact that I got to try out my new mock tech-T from MCM. It’s always hard to get started in the cold but once I do I love it. I loved this run too. My pace was steady throughout.

Friday stationary bike
This was a good ride. I definitely need more saddle time. (I was a little sore/numb. :D) I pushed hard at the end of the ride and got a little farther than last time.

Saturday Tryon Half Marathon
One of my favorites so far!

Sunday rest
As I mentioned last week, I’m taking rest days very seriously this cycle. I want to make sure that I can recover from whatever that injury was and I want to make sure that I prevent further injuries.



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2 responses to “Hilton Head Island Marathon Week 2 Training Recap

  1. hope your knee pain goes away. try ice? heat? NSAIDS?

  2. Thanks for the kind words David. The knee thing’s interesting. It comes and goes and I think it’s more mental than physical. Hard to describe.

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