Hilton Head Island Marathon Training Week 3 Recap

So, as I stated in the Saturday’s post, this is my last HHI marathon weekly recap. I know it’s the right decision but the competitive, numbers driven, marathon loving side of me still wants to run the marathon. This off-season is going to be interesting. 🙂

Monday 5 miles recovery
I felt pretty good considering the hard effort I gave in the half marathon last Saturday. I had a spot or two of mental trouble (still working on the anxiety over the “knee problem”) but other than that this was a really good run, another step closer towards regaining a sense of normality.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
I chose the “squat party” workout knowing I’d pay for it later. 😉 Everything went pretty well.

Wednesday 6 miles easy
I knew this would be a difficult run when I started feeling sore Tuesday evening. (I blame it on “squat party.”) My butt and thighs protested but in a good way. This was a really slow run, like I thought it would be.

Thursday 5 miles easy
This run went much better, mainly because my muscles are much less sore than Wednesday. My pace was still slower than what I’d like but I know it was the best I could do.

Friday stationary bike
This was a good, easy ride. I thought I pushed a bit harder but ended up getting the exact same distance as last week.

Saturday 13 11 miles
This was not the run I expected but still fairly good. My right knee/IT band were still a bit cranky, one of the main reasons that I’m dropping down to the half.

Sunday rest
It’s pretty important. 😉


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