Trees Greenville Turkey Day 8k

I had no goals whatsoever for this race. My cousin, Michael, kept asking me if I had any ideas of what pace I would be running. I had nothing.

My tentative plan was to run with Mom and if she wanted to push it then I would try to do it as well. I’m definitely trained for speed at short distances right now. (I haven’t done speedwork since two weeks before MCM.) Spoiler alert: I PR’d. (I’m not counting it though and I’ll get to that at the end of the recap.)

The adventure this morning started with checking the weather. So, I can now cross off “running a race in below freezing temps. Finding enough to cover up was certainly a challenge. It doesn’t get that cold in SC a lot. We managed it though.

Pre-race attempt at a picture with Michael. Can he make a normal face?
(That’s actually my long-sleeve shirt Michael is wearing. His running wardrobe consists of a couple sleeveless shirts and some shorts.)

We ended up farther back in the line then I would like. I didn’t care that much before the race started but once it did, that fact ended up causing a good bit of frustration at the beginning.

This was a big hassle throughout the first part of the race. It is what it is though. Holiday runs like these bring out people who run or race maybe once or twice a year. There’s a learning curve to everything. Mom and I managed to stick together through the whole race, despite the crowd thanks to her super bright reflector vest.

After about a mile the crowd started to thin out, although it never thinned out completely making it easier to stick together.

I absolutely loved the new course. (There is one exception that I’ll mention later.) Running through the park, including parts of the Swamp Rabbit that I’ve never run on, was so much better than having to stare at empty industrial park buildings and parking lots.

I felt great too, ready to push it. In fact, that’s what I ended up doing for the last couple blocks. Once we turned onto Main Street I looked back at Mom and asked her if it was okay if I took off. Of course she said yes. (It would really surprise me if she didn’t.)

I started sprinting right then. With as much left in the tank as I had I was passing people left and right. That sprint, that effort, felt amazing. I can’t wait to get out there and do it again. I think it will be nice to focus on shorter distances for a little while.

I couldn’t believe the time on my watch when I finished.
So...I just PR'd. How did that happen?
(40:52, sorry for the glare)

I had to check my previous race recaps to see what my current 8k PR is. Turns out, it’s 41:11. Technically I ran a PR today. That gets to my earlier statement about not counting it. The course was short, approximately a quarter mile. (That’s by consensus from several people.) The thing that sealed it for me was comparing paces. Today’s average? 8:40. Sunrise 8k average? 8:10

The good thing about this race is that it whet my appetite for next June. I’m going for a sub 40 min.

As usual, we got our post race picture
Post-race...doesn't Michael look fabulous? ;)

What a great way to start the day!



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