Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Training Week 5 recap

After week four’s unexpected cutback in training, I loved getting back into the swing of things in week 5. (I may have bitten off more than I can chew though with Saturday’s hard effort at Paris Mountain.)

Here’s how the week went down:

Monday 5 miles
This run felt fairly good. My gut felt a little off at the beginning. (What is it with Monday runs and a weird feeling in my gut?) Thankfully that went away after a mile or so. After the turn around at half way my IT band felt a little weird/tight intermittently through the last bit of the run. It’s either because of the camber of the road on the way back or just psychological. Not sure which.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
This was a good workout. I did not want to work out that morning but once I got to the gym and started the workout I was glad I forced myself.

Wednesday 4 miles
I ran inside thanks to a little bit of rain. I’m just not a fan. I would have loved to run a mile or two more but had to cut it short thanks to an early morning dentist appointment. Yay! šŸ˜‰ I felt pretty good throughout the run too.

<strongThursday 5 miles
So, last Thursday the temps were 28ish. This past Thursday? 61. That’s South Carolina for you. I did not miss the sweat building up under the headlamp. Aside from that, this was a pretty good run. It was made harder by the lingering soreness from Tuesday’s NTC workout. (I didn’t think the workout was that tough but the DOMS says otherwise.) I kept pushing through and ended up with a pace much better than my effort implied. I was pleasantly surprised.

Friday stationary bike
This was a fairly good ride. I decided to push harder the whole time and it paid off, almost a mile farther than last time. I tried to focus on good posture too. I look forward to continued improvement.

Saturday Paris Mountain Road Race
I put a lot more effort into this race than I had planned. I love the fact that I got a course PR out of it but not the fact that I’ll probably be taking another cut back week for week 6.

Sunday rest
I took this resting bit seriously Sunday. Saturday’s half marathon took more out of me than I expected.


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