Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 6 Training Recap

It’s been a crazy weekend, thus the reason this entry is coming your way on Tuesday rather than Monday. (Since I have less than 10 readers, I think I’m okay. ;))

Here’s how this week of training went down.

Monday rest
I figured it would be a good idea to give my legs another rest day after attacking the mountain Saturday.

Tuesday 5 miels
I ran inside to avoid the rain. I was a little wary because my IT band/knee feels worse/weirder after treadmill runs. This run was no exception. I tried to concentrate on a solid stride (no pronating or supinating…can’t remember which is which). I think it went as well as could be. I can’t figure out whether this IT band/knee thing is mostly mental or in part due to the treadmill…

Wednesday stationary bike
I skipped the strength training but I can’t remember why. This was a fairly good ride. I think I need to raise the seat a bit more for good posture’s sake. I pushed hard again and went a tiny bit farther. I think I could have gone even farther if the seat had been a little less uncomfortable.

Thursday 6 miles
This run was a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the “faster” pace today (“faster” is in quotes because I don’t actually consider that a fast pace; it’s just faster than what my pace has been lately on these runs) didn’t feel hard at all. On the other hand, my right knee/IT band felt weird intermittently throughout the run, not pain, just weirdness. I made sure to foam roll afterwards because it really helped yesterday. Confession: as much as I’ve said that I’m going to foam roll like it’s my job, I’ve sort of shied away from it because I thought that it made it worse. Bad idea. So…pretty good run overall.

Friday rest
I figured it would be better to sleep an extra hour since that extra hour brought my grand total to 4 for the night. (That’s what I get for going to a midnight showing of the HObbit.)

Saturday 7 miles
Mom and I almost bailed on this run. (The bed felt really nice.) I’m glad I didn’t. I felt really good throughout most of the run. My right IT band/knee felt a little weird (less than on other runs) after the turn around but it felt fine during the walk to Starbucks and especially now after stretching and foam rolling. Hopefully this IT band thing will become a thing of the past very soon.

Sunday rest
Because it’s what I normally do on Sundays, not because I needed to rest.


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