Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 7 Training Recap

Besides general laziness on Monday and a distinct difficulty in getting out the door in the morning, this past week was a pretty awesome week of training, one of the best, if not the best, since MCM and perhaps even before that.

I’m pretty excited about this new intensifying portion of my off-season. I’m ready to start training again rather than just maintain.

Monday rest
I just couldn’t get out of bed. Add to that the fact that I was still over at my grandparents (aka out of my normal routine/comfort zone) and it equaled up to an unmerited rest day.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
Somehow I managed to choose a workout I’ve never done before to do with my mom. We haven’t ever done one of these together but might do more in the future. This was a tough one but I loved it. (except for the inchworm to pushups…I don’t know anyone who can like those :D)

Wednesday 6 miles
This run was awesome. I definitely need to run with my mom more often. She’s the one that pushes me! I felt great the whole time and felt no weirdness in my right IT band/knee beyond the mental stuff aka waiting for it to happen. I’m excited to start rebuilding my mileage and speed this off season.

Thursday 6 miles
I definitely felt the soreness from Tuesday’s NTC today. It was still a good run though. I had to deal with a bit more mental trouble over my wonderful right IT band knee but I’m getting close to getting over it. (I hope.) Considering my level of soreness, I was pretty pleased to snag a 9:11 average pace.

Friday stationary bike
For about a week I had a weird bruise thing going on on the back of my left thigh close to my knee. I’d feel it when walking downstairs but not otherwise. I have no idea where I got it but it’s getting better. I bring that up to say, that weird bruise thing restricted my movement a little when I first got onto the bike. However, after a few minutes of warm up, I no longer felt anything weird in my left leg and was able to complete an awesome ride. I’m almost back up to the 15ish miles I used to regularly get on these rides. Afterwards, I felt great, better than before even. I can’t wait to push again next week! (Plus, that weird bruise thing hasn’t shown up again. Maybe I banged it on something and can’t remember? :D)

Saturday 7 miles
Like Monday, I did not want to get out there and start the run. This time I didn’t have to get to work so I could delay a bit. Once I started, even though it was tough, I soon found a rhythm. I can’t say that I enjoyed this run while I was running but afterwards I felt great. The run itself felt pretty tough but then I caught a glimpse of my finishing time, sub 9 minute average pace!

Sunday rest
As usual…this time I was ready for the next week’s training even though it’s going to be a bit different thanks to Christmas and some travel.


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