Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 8 Training Recap

While I didn’t get in as many runs or workouts as I would have liked, this was still a good week of training. I’m more than ready to start amping up my training/base building. I’m almost ready to declare big goals too.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, here’s the rundown of last week’s training.

Monday 5 miles
I ran inside on the treadmill at the house thanks to the rain that’s supposed to last all day. I ran at a slower pace since in the past I’ve absolutely hated this treadmill. To my surprise, I didn’t hate it today. I actually felt really, really strong and happy. Only the mindlessness that always comes along with the treadmill no matter how much Doctor Who I distract myself with, kept the distance shorter.

Tuesday rest
This was accidental. I accidentally misremembered my gym’s rather nonsensical holiday hours and thought that it wouldn’t be open until 8. That’s New Year’s Eve. (Don’t get me started. ;)) I didn’t remember that the gym was actually open at normal hours until around 6 that morning. Whoops.

Wednesday 7 miles
This was a really good run. I waited until Mom got up so I could run with her. There’s just something magical about 7 Christmas morning miles on Hilton Head Island. I’m very glad that it was the opposite of hot and humid this morning (unlike last year). We did have to deal with a bit of wind but I still felt really strong and the run didn’t feel hard at all! (Of course, I tend to say that about all my Hilton Head Island runs thanks to the complete lack of elevation change.)

Thursday rest
This one was planned. There was no way I was cramming a work out into a day that already included a 4+ hour drive straight to work until 6:40pm.

Friday stationary bike
I chose the recumbent bike today to take it easy on my back. (The long drives down and back to Hilton Head were not the most pleasant.) I thought I pushed fairly hard but apparently I can get more distance on the stationary bike than the recumbent bike.

Saturday 8 miles
This run was awesome even though it took me forever to get going. (Perhaps I need to get more sleep during the week.) None of the run felt really, really hard. (I still hate uphills but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to change.) In fact, the whole run felt pretty awesome. I’m definitely ready to dive back into training.

Sunday rest
This one is the normal one but all the other rest days made me a little restless. Hopefully I’ll soon get back to savoring my Sunday rest days.


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