Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week Nine Training Recap

I really wanted to dramatically up my mileage this week but managed to stick with a reasonalbe 10% increase. My running mojo has returned!

So, how did this week go down?

Monday stationary bike + NTC
I switched up my normal schedule thanks to my gym’s wonky scheduling. (For some reason they thought opening later on New Year’s Eve was appropriate even though most people work on New Year’s Eve…I digress.)
This workout was tough. I did make a couple modifications. I didn’t feel like I pushed myself the same way that I did when Mom did one with me a couple weeks ago. I guess I need someone with me to really push me. Next week maybe.

Tuesday 5 miles
This was a great run to end 2013 on. I felt really good throughout the run, pretty strong too. My pace was slightly slower than the past couple but that’s probably because I ran the hillier route. I’m excited to see what 2014 will bring.

Wednesday 4 miles
This was a great way to start off the new year. Mom pushed the pace today and we both felt great. (Well, Mom did have some fatigue in her legs which prompted a couple walk breaks but she’s been helping her sister unpack after her move so she’s forgiven. :D) The pace actually felt easy, like I was holding back. I’m excited to keep it up!

Thursday stationary bike
This ride felt really good. I pushed the whole time, really pushed. I’m almost back to the distances I used to get regularly. It helps to have an overall mileage goal for 2014 to motivate me.

Friday 4 miles
I ran inside because I didn’t think that I had the kind of gear it takes to survive low 20s high wind weather. (Yes, I’m a wimp. ;)) I felt strong throughout the run, probably because the pace was too slow. I kept increasing the pace as I went along. Decent run.

Saturday 9 miles
I felt really strong throughout this run even though it was super cold. (Apparently it was the coldest it’s been in Greenville for a while.) I even threw in a sprint at the end and felt great! Can’t wait to run more!

Sunday rest
This wasn’t a total rest day. I did a good bit of walking while I was reading. Other than that I stuck to the rest day idea.


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