Resolution Run Half Marathon

Half Marathon #21
SC Half Marathon #16
Resolution Run Half Marathon #2

I decided on Thursday that I really wanted to race this month. Since 13 is only 3 miles more than 10 (the original plan) I texted Mom to see if she wanted to run it too. She said yes so it was on!

Since I signed up last minute I decided that this race was not for time, at all. I would run with Mom, help her run a smart race, and get some bling out of it.

Then…the weather.

If you live in South Carolina, or pretty much anywhere on the east coast for that matter, you know what I’m talking about. I kept checking and watching the radar almost every hour yesterday. Things did not look good. In fact, they kept looking worse.

Instead of freaking out, I declared that I wanted to make it an adventure. The weather also helped me set aside any lingering desire for a fast(er) race.

Race morning dawned gloomy and wet. had less than helpful news for me. I kept praying that at the very least we could start the run, aka that the thunder and lightening would hold off until we were already on the course.

To prepare for the inevitable downpour, I secured my phone inside a plastic baggie and left the headphones at home. I also wore my older shoes since I knew they would get soaked. I also wore my long sleeve shirt with thumbholes even though the temps were in the low 50s.

When the race started, it wasn’t raining. I’m thankful because it’s really hard for me to get motivated to start when it’s already raining. We managed to get in a little more than 5k before the downpour came.

That first 5k is super hilly. Every time we ran downhill I remembered that we would have to run back up that hill at the end of the race. After a particularly tough hill, Mom needed a walk break so we took advantage of that time to get some Gatorade and eat a couple Gatorade chews.

Before I forget…the volunteers were awesome! I can’t even imagine standing out there all that time in the rain.

I also took advantage of that time to reposition my Garmin under my sleeve. That way I could hide the time and distance on my Garmin as well as roll up the sleeve if necessary. That was probably my smartest decision of the race.

Around mile four the course joined the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I didn’t mind. This part I knew like the back of my hand.

Just before we got to the overpass, the sky opened up. Within 10 seconds we were completely soaked. The intense downpour didn’t last long but it was pretty crazy running through that. (New experience to add to the bucket list!)

The downpour lasted less than half a mile but the rain didn’t really let up throughout the rest of the race. It got light at a few points but by that point it didn’t matter.

I really liked the Swamp Rabbit portion, probably because I’m so familiar with it. I also liked the out and back nature of the course. I didn’t need my Garmin to tell me how much was left.

Then came the stream crossing. Right where the entrance to the Furman cross country course is, a new stream had formed. We had no choice but to run through it. If I had just stood in the water it would have gone up to my ankles. Instead I ran through the really, really cold water as fast as I could. Bonus: we got to run through it twice!

The only negative thing I have to say about this race was that the turnaround was completely unmanned aka on the honor system. It’s a good thing most runners are fairly honorable.

It didn’t really start getting hard again until we got off the trail around mile 10. That’s when the hills started up again. These are serious hills people. Running in TR is no joke. Mom needed to take a few walk breaks to get up those hills. I wasn’t about to argue with her. 🙂

Not only was that last bit of the course hilly, it was also kind of lonely. That was a bit of a bummer at the end of the race. However, we kept pushing forward and soon could see that we were almost there.

I really like the new course and the finish on the track. It would have been better if it hadn’t been raining and more people had been there but it was still pretty cool.

Another thing that was pretty cool?
Resolution Run

I don’t think I’ve ever finished right on the minute mark. Plus, Mom scored a new half marathon PR! I’m so proud of her! She’s definitely a trooper for getting out there and running this last minute half marathon with me. We both said that it definitely would not have been as fun if we’d had to run it alone.

We also got some post-race pictures. (Inside of course)

Resolution Run
clowning around

Resolution Run
that’s better

We came. We swam. We conquered.
my favorite

Oh, and just for kicks, here’s the elevation chart too
Screenshot 2014-01-11 13.32.58

This race was so much fun to run. I’m glad I shelled out the money to get soaked while running 13.1 miles. Seriously. 🙂

Here’s to the Hilton Head Half Marathon, one month from today!



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4 responses to “Resolution Run Half Marathon

  1. Way to tough it out in the rain! I did this race last year and the course was a monster so I’m glad they changed it!

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