Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 10 Training Recap

This was an amazing week of training capped with a surprise half marathon. My running mojo is definitely back and hopefully here to stay.

Monday 5 miles
I ran inside mainly because I’d prepped myself for it the night before. (When will I learn not to rely on the weather channel app? :D) I kept increasing the speed each mile, then each tenth of a mile during the last mile and every other hundredth for the last tenth for a finishing sprint. I felt absolutely amazing.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
This was my first time using the NTC workout since they launched a major update. There’s lots to love like the structuring of ten seconds of transition between workouts. This was a good workout although I’m pretty sure that they changed the workouts but kept the same names. I pushed hard and felt great.

Wednesday 5 miles
I ran inside today because the combination of cold (understatement), dark and sore muscles. (That’s what I get for all those walking lunges Tuesday.) By running inside on a treadmill instead of my super hilly route I could negate all those issues. I felt strong throughout the run. The only problem I had was with my toe. For some reason, my the right shoe in my new pair is bending in at an angle over my toes that has caused it to rub away the top layer of skin. I’d have absolutely loved this run if not for that.

Thursday 5 miles
I felt great throughout the run. The pace felt almost a little too easy.

Friday stationary bike
I’m a bit frustrated with the bikes at the gym. They haven’t been replaced once in the four years that I’ve been a member. (I doubt they’ve been replaced at all) They’re showing their age. My bike this morning decided to amp up the resistance just a bit beyond what I requested (and made a funny noise the whole time) so I pushed harder to make sure I got the same distance in despite the resistance. I ended up with a half mile more than last week.

Saturday Resolution Run Half Marathon
This was originally supposed to be 10 miles. Close enough, right?

Sunday rest
I definitely didn’t feel like resting but I did it because it’s what I’m supposed to do. 😉 I also tried to help Mom make sure to rest and recover well so she can attack the rest of her training plan and get that sub 2 hour half marathon at Hilton Head.


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