Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 11 Training Recap

That running mojo may be back in full force but I have to remember that my fitness (aka speed) may not be so quick to recover.

Right now I want to run fast and I want to do that all the time. I’m determined to become as smart a runner as I possibly can and that required proper training aka rest days and slow days. Everything can’t be sprints and intervals. 🙂

Here’s how the past week went in terms of training:

Monday 6 miles
This run went pretty well considering the fact that I was still a little sore from the half last Saturday. I’m pretty impressed with my speed too. I had to tell myself to hold back though and make this a true recovery run.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
The workouts are definitely different in the updated version. I’m not sure why I doubted that before. I really liked this particular workout although I couldn’t do the first set of burpees very well because my back was being a little bit finicky. (I’m pretty sure that it has everything to do with my position on the bike during warm up. I need to work on that.)

Wednesday 6 miles with 1/2 mile intervals
This was my first time doing speedwork since October. I’ve missed it. While my speed was a bit slower than the last time I did intervals, I felt great and can’t wait to incorporate this again into my training.

Thursday 6 miles
This was a tougher run because my legs were a little bit sore/tired from the NTC workout Tuesday and speedwork Wednesday. Mom and I plugged away though and busted out a pretty good pace.

Friday recumbent bike
I chose the recumbent today to take it easy on my back. (It hasn’t been hurting, just a little tight and uncomfortable.) I remembered when I started riding that “my” bike has difficulty with resistance. This wasn’t my favorite ride but at least I got it done.

Saturday 10 miles
This run was tougher than I expected. Any number of things could have made my legs extra tired today: half marathon last week, strength training Tuesday and/or the first speedwork session in 3 months Wednesday. I felt pretty good throughout most of the run. Around miles 7 and 8 I did consider turning around early but kept plugging away. Thankfully, the two new songs I put on my playlist (Timber and Counting Stars) came on in the last mile and a half. It’s amazing what music will do to one’s mood. I’m so glad that I got to finish strong. I did really miss running the Greenville News Run Downtown 5k. It’s the first time in 4 years that I haven’t run. Next year for sure.

Sunday rest
I didn’t take this seriously enough last week. Lesson learned.


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