Hilton Head Island Week 13 Training Recap

Just when I want to push hard I have to pull back. This time, thankfully, it was just the weather. I’m considering this the last week of my no-plan, maintenance training. It’s go time starting today. (Apart from Saturday of course…that’s when I help pace Mom to, hopefully, her first sub 2 hour half marathon.)

So, how did the past week go?

Monday 7 miles
I felt fantastic through the first four miles. In fact, I felt like I was running a lot faster than I actually was. (Not sure if that’s a good thing or not…) My legs started to feel a bit achey/tired through miles 5 and 6. I happened to see my pace when I glanced down at my Garmin just before I started mile 7. The spurred me on to finish strong with an 8:39, my fastest split of the 7.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
I really liked this particular NTC workout. I chose an intermediate one that left me just a tad sore Wednesday. I still hate tricep dips though.

Wednesday rest
The ice and our home treadmill conspired to keep me from a run today. I obviously could not get out on the road or to the gym treadmill due to road conditions. Then our home treadmill decided that it would work only in 5 second spurts. After 10 minutes I gave up. Since I’m not training for anything specific (at the time of course) it wasn’t worth the hassle to try to get the treadmill to cooperate.

Thursday 7 miles
I ran inside because the likelihood of icy patches on the sidewalk in the dark is a bit terrifying. Originally I was going to run 6 (a slight cut down from a planned 7) because the battery on my iPad was low. Then Mom took a quick break and I kept going. The battery lasted and I ended up going the full 7 and feeling great. The only problem is my toe. Since I’ve had my second pair of Ons, the right shoe has rubbed away the top layer of skin on the 4th toe on my right foot. I’ve been wearing a bandaid each run and things had been fine. The bandaid slid off today, like usual. It’s a bit frustrating because I don’t have the money for new shoes and can’t figure out why one pair would do this when the other didn’t.

Friday stationary bike
This was a pretty good ride. I didn’t push as hard as I could have. I do want to get faster though so I’ll try again next week.

Saturday 8 miles
This was a pretty good run and if my running mojo wasn’t back I would be more than happy with it. 🙂 I felt sluggish at first but when I started daydreaming about BQs I felt great. Mom had a couple side stitches that we walked through so the pace was a bit slower than it otherwise would have been. I’m ready to start amping up the training again.

Sunday rest
After an easy week, I definitely didn’t want it. Apart from walking though, I tried to stick to the rest day ideal.


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