Reedy River 10k Week 1 Training Recap

Yes, this technically could be considered the final week of Hilton Head Island Half Marathon training, since I wasn’t really “training” for it, I’m ready to shift towards my first goal race of 2014.

(I plan to write a post about my PR goals for this year soon.)

This week went really well and got me really excited for Reedy River coming in just three weeks!

Monday 6 miles with .5 mile intervals
I loved this run. I felt great and even increased the interval speed after 3 miles. If I run this pace on March 1st I’ll PR for sure.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
I was a little hesitant going in to the work out. Monday at work my back did not like me. (I would really like to figure this out. Ideally I would like to get a standing desk or at the very least a new chair. Since that’s not likely…) I concentrated on keeping my abs tight and following through the motions as prescribed. My back muscles felt a little tight coming off the bike but after a few exercises they loosened up and I felt pretty good.

Wednesday 6 miles
I really don’t like running in the combination of cold and rain. If I have the option to skip it I will. Thus, I ran on the treadmill, again. That being said, I felt strong through the whole run including the final mile where I increased the speed each tenth.

Thursday 6 miles
I ran with the downtown group and loved it. Since this was a “normal” run for them, I got in a pretty good tempo. I could also consider it a preview for the Reedy River 10k. I felt really good through the first half. I tried to keep up with the second fastest mini group and wish that I could have pacers like that for the race. Our pace somehow kept increasing, even up the hills. That was the point that I felt like I was going to die. (Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit.) Thankfully the last mile and a half was slightly downhill or flat. If I can keep up today’s pace, albeit just slightly faster, I’ll get a sub 50 min 10k for sure!

This ended up being a rest day. I could have gone to the gym for some stationary bike but it wasn’t essential. My schedule was a bit different thanks to leaving early to travel down to Hilton Head.

Saturday Hilton Head Island Half Marathon
I am so proud of Mom! She ran so well and got rewarded for it. 🙂

Sunday rest
Sleeping in and riding for four hours in a car will definitely make for enforced rest. 😀

I am so excited to dive back into training again!


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