The Big PR Plan Post

I’ve been meaning to get around to this post for a while. Since I’ve had plenty of time the past two days (ie…unexpected South Carolina snow) I had time to get everything else out of the way and now only this post is left.

Just kidding. The real reason is that I just kept forgetting.

Now that I’ve remembered, I want to put my plan in motion, the plan I mentioned in my January 1st post.

I’m pretty excited about this plan and about the return of my running mojo. For a couple months after MCM I wondered if it would come back. Thankfully, it did. Then, I just had to bide my time until after Hilton Head. With that goal accomplished, it’s on to the PR plan.

I’ll start with the Reedy River 10k on March 1st. I haven’t run a 10k since 2011 so it’s almost a guaranteed PR. My dedicated training for this attempt hasn’t been all that spectacular, especially this week with two unexpected weather-induced rest days.

In my Reedy River 10k PR attempt, I’m aiming for sub 50 minutes. A steady pace of 8 minutes should get me there. Since I’ve run an entire half marathon at that pace, it’s not that much of a stretch.

I do have a back up for this race though. That’s the Greer Earth Day 10k in April. Hopefully I won’t need a second shot at the PR but I want to be prepared.

Next will be the 8k. Supposedly, I ran my fastest 8k back on Thanksgiving. The course was super short. I’m not counting that one. I’ll be running the Sunrise 8k and gunning for a sub 40. A solid 8 minute pace would do the trick so maybe I’ll try to shave off even more time.

The third PR attempt will likely be the 5k. I haven’t picked out a specific race yet but I do know that I plan to race the 5k before I dive back into marathon training. The most likely candidate is the Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k. The temperature will not be ideal. However, it is a fast course. My super speedy cousin will be running. I’ll be training for my half marathon PR so I “should” be ready. My goal is to go sub 22 or even sub 21. I’ve never sprinted an entire race before. That should be fun.

Then the training gets real. I want a sub 1:40 half marathon. Last year I was 4 minutes away from that. While I would have loved to have made Hilton Head the land of the PR once again, I do have another favorite race, San Francisco. I’m running the second half this year so it’s not that crazy. To get that PR I’ll need just above a 7:30 pace. It sounds crazy just to think about but I’m going for it. I’ll be training hard this late spring and yes that does mean the return of a training plan come May.

Now for the marathon. I mentioned in my Hilton Head recap that I started marathon dreaming again. Thankfully the lack of marathons in my general vicinity for late spring squashed that idea. It didn’t squash the hunger though. I definitely want that sub 3:45 this time around. I think I’ll have just the right build up going into it too.

The only thing left to be decided is which race it will be. At this point that’s still up in the air. I entered the NYC Marathon lottery the moment I could. I would be thrilled to get in. I probably won’t. I thought about entering the Chicago lottery but the marathon takes place a week after I get back from Italy. (That’s another thing I’ll have to factor into training. Fun stuff!) The most likely candidate if I don’t get into New York is Philadelphia.

So there you have it, my very wordy PR plan. By December I hope to have brand new PRs in the following distances: 5k, 8k, 10k, half marathon and marathon. (Oh, and I’d also love to throw in a sub 2 hour Paris Mountain Road Race half marathon as well.)

I’m looking forward to 2014!



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4 responses to “The Big PR Plan Post

  1. Philadelphia is a great Marathon and at a perfect time of year to nail that PR. You can count on a great course and cool weather, just the right combination.
    By the way, if you can run a sub 1:40 Half you should be gunning for a 3:30. 🙂 Dream big.

    • Thanks! If I don’t run Philadelphia this year, I will next year for sure. I’d love to go for 3:30…it would be a half hour PR but I just might make it my reach goal. 🙂

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