Reedy River 10k Week 2 Training Recap

This past week definitely did not go the way I wanted it to thanks to the weather. If you live anywhere in the south (or the country for that matter) you know that we got slammed with a major winter storm. (Major, of course, is relative especially since the snow’s already gone.)

Instead of getting frustrated I’m just counting the past week as a recovery week and diving back into training for week 3.

How did the three workouts go down last week?

Monday 6 miles intervals
I totally forgot that I ran a half marathon Saturday when I decided to do speedwork today. Whoops. This run was definitely hard. I got a major side stitch at about 4.5 and had to walk a bit on the rest portion of that interval. I’m stubborn though and pushed through two more intervals. This wasn’t my fastest speedwork but I got it done and managed to squeeze in speedwork for the week.

Tuesday 4 miles
We ended up inside because it started snowing on our way to the gym. Since I was wearing my long sleeve, I ended up taking it off and running in just my sports bra. (First time for everything) We ran just 4 since there wasn’t time for more. I felt strong the whole time and kept increasing the speed at the mile and then each tenth for the last mile. I wish we had run outside but at least I got something in.

Wednesday rest
This is the day that I actually could have gotten something in but was foiled by the changing weather forecast. The snow was supposed to start around 3 so I decided to sleep in a little. When I woke up it still hadn’t started but I’d lost my window. Once that snow started falling it started sticking immediately. I looked on all the snowy run pictures with longing. 🙂

Thursday rest
The roads were horrible. I just wish that the treadmill at home wasn’t so old and finicky.

Friday rest
We had just enough melt Thursday that the roads were covered in black ice first thing Friday. The roads were fine by the time I had to go to work but I had to go to work.

Saturday 10 miles
As much cabin fever as I had for the past three days it still took a while to get going. Maybe I shouldn’t hit the snooze as much. I ended up having to use runkeeper on my phone rather than my Garmin because I turned it on to a “battery low” greeting. (I must have forgotten to turn it off after the half last Saturday.) The first mile or so was pretty rough. I glanced down at my Garmin (it lasted the first 3 miles) and saw that my pace was around 10. That was a good kick in the butt to get me going. After the first couple miles I hit my stride and the rest of the run felt great. I’m so happy that 8:40 feels like a normal pace. I’ve got some fast runs planned.

Sunday rest
I thought about squeezing in an hour of stationary bike at the gym but the scheduling just didn’t work out. I certainly didn’t need more rest but it is what it is. This week is a brand new week hopefully full of miles.


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