Reedy River 10k Week 3 Training Recap

This week of training definitely went according to plan. It’s also gotten me both excited and nervous about the PR attempt coming up on Saturday.

I do have a back up but it’s not the one I had originally planned on. The Greer Earth Day event has decided not to stage a 10k this year. Thankfully, there’s another 10k out in the Pickens area that I’m considering. (I might even get an age group award since it’s a small race.)

Back to this week’s training…

Monday 6 miles
It took a little while to get out the door again this morning. I’d love to figure out how to get myself a little more motivated in the morning because once I’m out there I wish I had gotten there sooner. As it was, this run started strong. I felt great and loved the faster pace. I felt a little achey around miles 3 and 4 (not because of training) but determined that I wouldn’t let it get me down so I pushed through and finished super strong.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
I should have used heavier weights for most of the exercises. I kept thinking about how even the figure skaters use heavier weights than I do 🙂 I pushed when I could and can’t wait to do it again.

Wednesday 6 miles with half mile intervals
I was going to run with the downtown group but just wasn’t feeling it. I headed inside instead. Since I didn’t go downtown I decided to do intervals even though I’m a tad sore from the NTC workout Wednesday. I also decided to push hard on these intervals so I increased the speed every other interval. That made the final few intervals pretty tough. I actually had to back the speed back down on the final interval to my original speed. I got it done though and am very happy with it. I started to get a bit nervous about my sub 50 goal for the 10k. If this pace was so hard with some “breaks” I wondered how I’d be able to hold it for 6.2 miles. (I’m still not sure but I”m going for it!)

Thursday 4 miles
Originally I had planned to run six. However, I underestimated how sore my legs would be after a strength training workout Tuesday and really hard speedwork Wednesday. I hated to have to cut down the mileage and I still wanted more but I know that it was what I needed.

Friday stationary bike
I felt really good almost the whole time. The only negative is that I got really sleepy around the 40 minute mark. Not sure what’s up with that. I kept pushing though and ended up with my second longest distance in a while. I definitely want to keep improving.

Saturday 10 miles
This run was harder than I thought it would be. That’s probably because I started with a quick loop on my old (super hilly) route. I’d forgotten how difficult that route is and can’t believe that I used to run it all the time. (I should probably throw at least one run a week on that route back into my training.) The second and third miles were my slowest-9:10 and 9:11. I kept pushing though, thinking about that 10,000 hours song mentioned during the piece on J.R. Celski Friday night. My next (majorly longterm) goal? Log 10,000 running hours but first…10,000 miles. 🙂 I finished strong and am overall quite pleased with the run and the sub 9 minute average. That’s my new goal for long runs, all under 9 minute average pace.

Sunday rest
This was easy to do. Spending time with family always beats anything else.


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