Greer Half Marathon Week 1 Training Recap

As you can see by the title, I’ve made a decision about my next half marathon. A separate blog post will hopefully be coming on this, later in the week.

I am psyched about training for this race. So far, so good.

Monday 6 miles
This run went really well. I ran inside on the treadmill because I wanted to force myself to take it easy after the 10k and because I didn’t yet have an armband for my new phone. Instead I got to watch Doctor Who, specifically “A Good Man Goes to War.” (If you’re a Doctor Who fan you’ll know exactly why this helped pass the time so quickly. :D) I felt great through the majority of the run though I started to feel a little fatigue in the last mile or so. Overall, running feel pretty great right about now.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
I tried to push hard on this work out. It’s hard when deep down, I just really don’t like strength training. I love feeling strong but a strength training workout to me is a “workout.” Running? I’ll do that any day.

Wednesday 6 miles
It took a while to get going this morning. (another weird dream) The run felt tough at the beginning too. I had a bit of fatigue in my glutes and thighs. It’s a toss up as to whether that’s from the 10k or from the squats in Tuesday’s NTC workout. I kept pushing though and ended up finishing strong.

Thursday 6 miles with intervals
This was a decent speedwork session. On my way to the gym I kept trying to talk myself into 4 or 5 miles but stuck it out for 6 and felt pretty good while I did.

Friday stationary bike
If it’s not one thing, it’s another when it comes to these rides. This time it was slightly painful “pinching” at inner hip joint likely due to a combination of an already uncomfortable seat and underwear just a tad too small. (TMI, I know.) Chalk up that up to yet another lesson for a newbie rider. 🙂 Hopefully next week will be better.

Saturday 11 miles
just a fantastic run overall

Sunday rest
I made sure to enjoy my day off. 🙂


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