Between Greer and Y2Y

If I had written this post last week as I planned, it would have looked a lot different. Before I get to that…

Before Reedy, I’d lined up another back up 10k just in case. I waited until after the race to decide between the second 10k and a half marathon. (I plan to run it as a fitness test.) After my surprise success at Reedy River, I decided that I would run a half marathon and go full force, perhaps even aim for a PR.

My choices? Greer or Y2Y in Spartanburg, both on the same day.

Initially, I leaned towards Y2Y. It’s a smaller race so the possibility of an age group place is quite possible. Plus, I walked away from Greer last year with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

Then I went back and reread my race recaps, all three of them I decided that it would be so much fun to try to snag an age group place there instead. Plus, Greer is a lot closer to home than Spartanburg. I even started labeling my training recaps.

An interaction with a Greenville running friend got me thinking again about the race. It started with her posting a question on the GTC Facebook page asking about the course. She got no response. We started talking about the disappointing drop in participation last year and that reminded me of other disappointments that I’ve had with Greer that didn’t make it into my recaps. (I won’t go into those details here.)

As my friend and I tried to figure out more about the course, I noticed that registration is no longer through go-green. It’s with a company I’ve never heard of before. That fact combined with the fact that only eleven people have registered sealed the deal.

I’m sad to say that I won’t be returning to Greer for a fourth time. Instead, I’m happy to say that I will be running in the inaugural Y2Y half.

I don’t know much about the race but I think it will be a good test run. I’m also glad that I’ve finally made the decision. Now I just have to register!



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3 responses to “Between Greer and Y2Y

  1. Erica

    I’m considering the Y2Y half as well but with one simple goal … to finish! I know the course well (I drive it often as I live within 8 miles of either Y) and it’s nothing but long rolling hills. Then again my first and only half is the flat GHS Swamp Rabbit half last year so yea, I’m a bit scared about signing up.

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