Y2Y Half Marathon Week 2 Training Recap

As I mentioned in my post a couple days ago, I switched races halfway through this week. I’m very happy with my decision.

In fact, I’m very happy with this week’s training. I think it was awesome, thanks to the rose-colored glasses of an amazing long run Saturday. 🙂

Monday 7 miles with half mile intervals
These intervals were tough but just because I felt a bit sluggish this morning. I pushed through and finished. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the run. 7.5 no longer feels as hard as it used to. I may be ready to bump up my interval speed to 7.6. (I also should think about speedwork that’s not on a treadmill…especially since that scares me a little.)

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
I felt pretty good throughout the workout. For some reason, I was really motivated to “get strong” aka I think I liked strength training this time. I thought I’d be feeling all those lunges but I didn’t experience a lot of DOMS. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Wednesday 6 miles
Since the forecast called for rain and thunder, I headed inside. Yes, I’m a wimp but I’m okay with that. The run ended up being totally awesome. I felt really good the whole time. I hope this feeling continues.

Thursday 7 miles
I finally got back outside this week. While my pace wasn’t quite as fast as I wanted, I’ll take it because I felt amazing through the entire run and absolutely loved it!

Friday stationary bike
I felt pretty good on this ride, much better than last week. I pushed harder and kept Ironman dreaming thanks to a Runner’s World article. (I should probably learn how to swim though.)

Saturday 12 miles
This honestly was one of my best long runs ever. I can’t wait to get back out there next Saturday.

Sunday rest
I may have rested physically but I was itching to race. Hearing about all the PRs Sunday morning, including my friend Matt’s 2:55:20 marathon, made me wish I could have been racing with them. I also really, really, really want to run the NYC Half now too. I finished the day more than ready to dive back into another week of training.


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