Y2Y Half Marathon Week 3 Training Recap

I ended this week with a higher mileage volume than I’ve run since MCM and I definitely felt it. As much as I want to keep increasing my mileage I know that I need a cut back week next week. That’s getting ahead though.

Here’s how the past week went down.

Monday 8 miles with half mile intervals
I tried to talk myself down to 6 or 7 miles worth of intervals. I obviously didn’t try hard enough because I made it all the way to 8. The first three miles worth were really tough. I did take a brief break after around mile 3 or 4. After that the rest of the intervals felt amazing! Bring on sub 1:40!

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
I feel like regular strength training is finally having results. I have no objective measure but I felt a lot strong while doing both push ups and planks. This particular workout had some new to me exercises. I didn’t do so well on those but there’s always next time.

Wednesday 6.5 with downtown group
At first I doubted if I would be able to keep up because it was a smaller, faster group. I’ve got to stop doubting myself. Not only did I keep up but I also felt great through the whole thing! I even felt a few steps above death on the hills. 🙂 That’s a dramatic improvement from the first couple times I ran with them. I’ve got to get down there more often.

Thursday 8 7.5 miles
It was tough to get going for this run both mentally and physically. I have to either stop running hard the day after strength training or do it often enough to get used to it. The first few miles were full of bargaining with myself to get myself to at least 6 miles. I decided to run 7 but it turns out that I’m bad at mental math while running so ended up with 7.5. I finished feeling strong and almost wanted to get in that last half mile, almost.

Friday stationary bike
I have got to figure out what will help the time pass more quickly while riding. The stationary bike has become almost like the treadmill first was to me. I made it through though and pushed just a tad harder this time. I did feel a little bit nauseous with about 15 minutes to go but it passed fairly quickly. If I want to, eventually, complete an Ironman I need to build up my mental stamina on the bike.

Saturday 13 miles
It was a pretty good run but I’m definitely ready for a slight step back.

Sunday rest
This rest day was well enjoyed.


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