Y2Y Half Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

It was a cutback week this week, well needed. I can’t wait to get back to higher mileage next week.

Here’s how the workouts went down.

Monday 6 miles
I, once again, had a hard time getting going that morning. The renewed cold weather did not help. I decided to head inside and use the treadmill but couldn’t make up my mind between making this speedwork or just a regular run. It ended up being both. I made it through two intervals before deciding to just run the rest at a 9:15ish pace since it was supposed to be a cutback week. It’s probably not a good idea to have the hammer down for every run. The rest of the run felt great.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
I really liked this particular NTC workout. It was a set (cycle?) of 5 exercises repeated 4 times. It was nice knowing what was coming next yet at the same time, that fourth round was a little difficult to complete.

Wednesday 6 miles
Temps in the high 20s and 10mph winds directed me inside to the treadmill. I felt great during the run. It was the epitome of average, nothing extraordinarily good or bad.

Thursday 6 miles
I didn’t expect to need hat, gloves and long sleeves at the end of March but that’s the weather for you. I felt great on this run and can’t wait for more.

Friday stationary bike
I felt great the entire time. I’m not sure what I did differently but I hope to repeat that.

Saturday 8 miles
The possibility of thunderstorms pushed me inside. Plus, I stayed out too late last night seeing Divergent so I appreciated the extra sleep. It was a really good run in my new On Cloudracers. I really like them. It’s a different feel, more minimal than I’ve ever worn but in a really good way. Hopefully next week I’ll get to run more than once outside.


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