Running in ____ weather

So, I’ve had this post written for over a week now and keep forgetting to post it when I’m home and can type it up on the computer. Whoops. While it’s not quite as timely as I would have hoped, I still want to post it.

I’d love to say that the recent bipolar weather is unique to Greenville but I think it’s just this particular season. Actually, there’s nothing I love about this season but that’s beside the point.

My point has to do with my running weather preferences which I first started thinking about thanks to the weather’s pendulum swings.

Up until this winter I would not hesitate to declare that winter was my absolute favorite running season. Then came this winter and a little doubt about that determination. I started dreading heading out into the dark, cold outdoors to start a run.

I find it funny that I finally figured out why just around the official start of spring. It’s all about timing.

My first two “running winters” happened to occur while I was in school. Only on rare occasions did I venture out to start my run before the sun came up.

It’s amazing how much of a difference a little light-or lack thereof-will make. I’ve run far too many runs on the treadmill this season since any possible excuse sent me, cheerfully, inside.

Of course, I have this eureka moment weeks before South Carolina heat and humidity takes hold and doesn’t let go until well into fall and sometimes winter.

Runners are hard to please, aren’t we?

So…my goal for this likely super-hot summer is to avoid complaining about the weather. (I wouldn’t mind sill being able to run fast either.)


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