Y2Y Half Marathon Week 5 Training Recap

I noticed Saturday when I went to write my long run recap that I titled last week’s training recap a “training plan.” Whoops. I’m not sure where my brain is sometimes.

I loved the past week of training. It felt so good to get back to (relatively) high mileage after the mid-plan cut back week aka week 4. Only three weeks remain. That’s crazy. It feels like I just started this plan.

Monday 8 miles with half mile intervals
For this run I alternated between 7.5 and 7.6 for each interval. I felt strong the entire time, especially because the intervals didn’t feel as hard as I thought they should. That just means that I’ll have to go faster next time!

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC workout
I chose an intermediate workout this time and definitely felt it. While I’m not the biggest fan of strength training, I’m committed to it. I’ve seen such a difference in my overall fitness through this training plan and also a lack of aches and niggles for which I’m very thankful.

Wednesday 7 miles
This run felt pretty good. I did have a little bit of fatigue in my legs, probably due to Tuesday’s NTC workout. My average pace was a bit disappointing though. I thought I was running faster than that. Overall it was a decent run.

Thursday 8 miles
I was going to be disappointed with this run. The warmer temps and some fatigue in my legs convinced me that I was running 10-15 seconds slower per mile than Wednesday. However, it turns out that I was running almost the exact same pace! This was a hard run. I definitely need to factor in acclimation time.

Friday stationary bike
I felt pretty good. I tried to push a bit but it turns out that I got the same distance last week. Overall it was a fairly average ride.

Saturday 13 miles
I loved this run so much!

Sunday rest
I switched up my schedule a bit (aka change the service I went to at church) and it made a huge difference. It was much more conducive to rest to get things done in the morning in one big chunk rather than start and stop.


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