The Boston Marathon, 2014 edition

That day, April 21, 2014, was one if the best days of my life. I wasn’t even there. I haven’t even come close to qualifying, yet.

For weeks prior to the race, I lamented the fact that for the first time since becoming a runner, I would not be able to watch the live stream. I knew the race would be amazing not only because of the stacked elite field but also because of all the emotion because of last year.

That morning I started to get excited as I saw tweets from friends gearing up to run the race, so excited that I felt like I was flying on my own run. I was so distracted that I allots didn’t get out the door in time to get to work.

While at work I had to practice extreme metal discipline just to stay focused in between brief twitter breaks to check for race updates. By the time the closing miles of the men’s marathon came my heart was in my throat; my hand wouldn’t stop shaking.

Then it happened. Meb crossed the line first! I got so excited that a coworker noticed and asked if I was alright. I could barely get Meb’s name out. That’s when it hit me, the realization of just how much this race means to me. There’s no way for a non-runner (unless they’re a Bostonian) to truly understand the emotion and significance of the Boston Marathon.

I was on cloud nine the rest of the day. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m surprised that the song “Happy” wasn’t stuck on repeat in my head.

There’s so much that could be said about the race itself, the day, the significance, or the legacy. Much of it has already been said by more talented writers than me so I won’t delve off onto that rabbit trail.

Instead, I’ll focus on the wheels that started turning in my head. Granted, they’ve been turning for a while but yesterday shifted them into warp speed.

I want to get to Boston more than just about everything else I have ever wanted in my life. I have to go full force towards that goal.

So, Monday I contacted a friend who just happens to be a running coach. I bit the bullet and an diving in full force.

I don’t know how long it will take to get that BQ but all other bucket list priorities will have to wait.

I’ve got my next two marathons lined up but since this post is already quite long enough, I’ll save that discussion for another post.

Thanks you Boston! I’ll be there soon!


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