Y2Y Half Marathon Race Week Training Recap

While I didn’t quite get the time I had hoped for, I’d say that this training cycle was a success and I’m ready for more.

Before I get too far ahead, I’ll briefly recap the past week.

Monday 6 miles
This run was amazing! I felt incredible the entire time and I negative split every mile! I was high on Boston Marathon endorphins. Someday I’ll be there and running. Someday.

Tuesday 6 miles
Although I didn’t feel as “on top of the world” as Monday, I still felt pretty good. There’s just something to daydreaming about being an elite that makes the run easier.

Wednesday stationary bike + NTC
This was a decent workout. I like the interval style workouts (aka a cycle of 3-5 different exercises.) My knee did feel a little weird while doing side planks on my left side. I think it might have to do with getting so distracted telling Mom all about Boston Tuesday that I forgot to finish stretching. Thankfully it didn’t last any longer than that.

Thursday 6 miles
I woke up mentally tired so I took advantage of pre-made mental distraction in the form of Doctor Who and ran inside. The run itself felt awesome. It felt really easy even though I pushed the speed a bit.

Friday stationary bike
I felt pretty good during this run albeit a bit sleepy. I determined before I started to not push so hard because of the half but ended up with my fastest (by a tiny margin) in a while. I did succumb to the temptation to sprint at the end and felt great.

Saturday Y2Y Half Marathon
Great race…tough but great

Sunday rest
I felt the hills for sure. I took it easy and even took a nap. Almost ready to dive back in. 😉


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