The First Long Run of a New Cycle

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I started a new training cycle this week. (Understatement of course.) Today marked the first “long” run of that cycle.

On the plan for today was 80 minutes. (In a later post I’ll talk about minutes vs miles on the training plan. I didn’t think I could do it but so far so good.) I decided to run close to home and preview next week’s 5k course.

Yes, I signed up for a 5k. Yes, I’m going to try to PR. Yes, I’m a bit crazy but that fact’s already been established.

I want to get that 5k PR before I dive too heavily into marathon training and this particular race fits. It’s close to home. (Actually, it may be the closest out of any race I’ve ever run.) It’s relatively small. There are no major hills on this course.

With that in mind I decided to add a course preview into my run. Mom came along for the ride too. (She’s running the 5k as well.)

I also decided to test out my new amphipod handheld water bottle. I almost left it in the car because the temps weren’t too bad when I started warm up drills. By the time I finished, however, I’d changed my mind.

Long story short, the handheld is amazing. I love it. I might just stay hydrated this summer.

Back to the run…

I studied the 5k course map before we headed out and thought I knew were we were supposed to turn once we entered the subdivision. Not so much.

We took two wrong turns. Rather, I should say that we missed our turns. I had to stop to pull up the map on my phone. Thankfully, Mom’s a really good sport.

I loved running in the subdivision, primarily because it was shaded. The sun was out in full force today. (I should probably put sunscreen on like a good little runner.) I also liked getting an advance look at the course.

PR Verdict? I think it’s possible. The last straightaway in the subdivision is slightly uphill. That’s no big deal for a normal run but in a 5k at that speed, it might just be killer.

By the time we were on the home stretch I wanted more. It feels weird to run just under 9 miles and that’s it. I guess I need to pull this post back up in a few months after my 18 or 20 milers. 🙂



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