San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Week 1 Training Recap

Although this week was more like a recovery week than a full-blown training week, I want to go ahead and include it in the training cycle.

This past week was full of all kinds of new things for me. I don’t mean that they are things that I didn’t know about. Rather, these are things that I’ve read about and thought about including in my training but never got around to it. That’s one of the biggest reasons I decided to bite the bullet and hire a running coach.

Having a plan prescribed by the coach “forces” me to actually complete workouts, like tempo runs, that were so easy to back out of when I was my own coach.

The biggest changes for me were the following: running a prescribed time rather than mileage, including warm up drills before some of the runs, strides, and as mentioned above, attempting a tempo run. (I’ll be experimenting over the next few recaps as to how to best describe the work out. Technically, the plan is the intellectual property of my coach.)

How did it go?

Monday easy/recovery run
While I was a little fuzzy on a few of the warm up drills, they actually helped me feel great starting off the run. My step felt a bit springy. I took it easy during this run. The downhill in the half did a (mild) number on my quads. I loved doing the strides at the end.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
I didn’t do strength training. While I didn’t feel as sore as Sunday and Monday, I knew that skipping strength training would help recovery. The ride itself felt pretty good though long. When I’m not necessarily in the mood these rides seem to take forever.

Wednesday easy run
The radar showed heavy thunderstorms showing up partway through my run. I didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught out in thunder and lightening so I ran inside. I don’t know for sure but I think it didn’t rain at all. I think I have the hang of my new warm up drills now. Hopefully I’ll get faster sooner so I don’t start running out of time. The run itself went well. It was an easy run so I just covered up the time and watched some “old school” Dr. Who aka pilot episode of reboot. Strides are a bit difficult to do on a treadmill but I got them done.

Thursday tempo run
My legs felt unusually sluggish during the warm up. I’m not sure what caused that but I pushed through. That might have been what made it so difficult to get my tempo pace to 7:40. I don’t know for sure but I think my pace was more like 7:50-7:55. I even powered up a hill in the final minute of the tempo. For a first ever tempo run I’ll take it.

Friday stationary bike + NTC
It probably wasn’t the best idea to do a strength training workout the day before a long run. I couldn’t stomach the idea of another hour on the bike though. I tried to pick an easy one so I wouldn’t be too sore. Thankfully, that plan worked out. The actual workout went fairly well although my shoulders did not like the plank. I could barely hold 30 seconds.

Saturday long run + 5k course preview
A fun long run to start out the new cycle

Sunday rest
It was a rest day. What can I say?


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